What is Patanjali Yoga


There are many different types of yoga that will appeal to all kinds of people. Pantanjali yoga are sutras that were complied by Pantanajli. He is known as the “sage behind the sutra”. There are more myths about him than facts, with some saying that he fell from heaven as a snake to teach yoga and another regarding him as an incarnation of a serpent-king. Whoever he was, he is well known and highly regarded in the world of yoga and his sutras are still enjoyed by people all over the world.

The Sutras

The yoga sutras consist of 196 Indian sutras. Compiled before 400 CE by Pantanjali, they have been translated into many different languages. They are considered by some scholars to be one of the foundations of the Hindusim classical Yoga philosophy.

Contents of the Sutras

The sutras were divided into four different books or chapters. These split up the 196 sutras, as shown. The first is 51 sutras known as the Samadhi Pada. This is when the yogi in in a blissful state and when they learn to go into the deep parts of their minds. Sadhana Pada consists of 52 sutras. This is a more disciplined form and is considered to be of service and selfless action. The next 56 sutras are in the Vibhuti Pada. Power can be brought about through the practice of yoga. The final 34 sutras are Kaivalya Pada, and revolve around liberation and the ability to transcend your ego.

The Eight Components of Yoga

Pantanjali outlined the eight components of yoga in his book. These are Yamas: ethical Hinduism rules, Niyama: virtuous behavior and observances, Asana: poses you hold for a long time, Pranayama: regulating breathing and exhaling, Pratyahara: the bringing to your awareness of your own thoughts instead of thoughts about the outside world, Dharana: keeping your mind on your inner state without drifting to another though, Dhyana: contemplation on what you were focusing on during Dharana, and Samadhi: becoming one with meditation. During this time you will lose yourself as an individual and become one with your thoughts.

Pantanjali yoga has been popular in various parts of the world for years but is just now gaining in popularity in the United States. Yogis who practice this form of yoga have often studied Pantanjali’s text and do their best to apply his beliefs to their practice and in their everyday lives.

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