How to Become Flexible for Yoga


Yoga is a practice that is effective in reducing stress and maintaining serenity and calmness in one’s life. It has been popular for so many years for both men and women and the number of yogis is growing still. However, the different yoga poses can be difficult at times not even for beginners but also for some who have been practicing yoga for awhile now.

If you are interested in yoga and worried that you might not be flexible enough, there is no need to be scared because you are not alone. Moreover, there are ways to develop flexibility in your movements. Become familiar with stretching techniques to make your body more flexible in performing more challenging poses. The key here is to hold each pose between three and eight breaths.

1. Triangle

This is ideal for stretching the muscles that supports the spine and the hamstrings as well as improve shoulder movement. Keep your feet far apart with the left foot out and the right foot slightly in. Next, breathe in and raise both arms to make them parallel to the floor. From this position, breathe out and make a hinge at the left hip. Take the left part of your upper body over your left leg and let your left hand rest on the lower leg. Raise your right hand up from the shoulder and stay in this position about two seconds. Do this two times and repeat the same procedure on the other side. As you practice this many times, there will come a time when you can reach your foot or the floor instead of just your legs when you rotate you torso and rest your hand.

2. Wide-leg Standing Twist

Begin by spreading the feet apart and taking a long exhalation. From the hips, fold your body forward and bring your hands down as far as you can then hold. Next, breathe in as you rotate your torso to the left and let your right hand touch the floor while you raise your left arm from the shoulder then hold. Exhale and position your torso to the center. After, inhale and repeat at the opposite side. Exhale and go back to the center position. The direction of your face should be the same with the direction of your torso.

3. Folded Forward Bend

Begin this technique by sitting on the edge of a folded blanket while your legs closed in front of you and your arms are on your sides. Exhale and bend forward and stretch your arms to touch your toes. Pause and inhale as you return to your previous position slowly.

4. Locust

This position is important to make your back muscles stronger as well as improve flexibility of the spine. Start by lying face down with the legs straight. Place your arms on the sides with palm up. Breathe in as you lift your body from the head, upper arms and lower extremities off the floor. Ensure to feel the stretching of your legs and arms at the back. Hold for a few seconds and bring your body back on the floor.

By practicing these stretching exercises and complementing them by eating more plant-based meals and nutritional supplements, you can have that more flexible body after a few weeks.

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