5 Yoga Core Poses


Whether you are an experienced yoga practitioner or simply somebody looking to get into yoga, here are five poses that are designed to improve your core strength.

1.The Hand and Knees Balance

This pose is an excellent core exercise that will have the added benefit of improving your overall balance.

  • Firstly start of in a neutral position. Lift your left get and straighten it completely, flexing your right foot as you hold yourself on your right knee and foot.
  • Then, once you feel a sense of stability, lift your right arm and stretch out completely straight once gain. You should now be balanced on your right leg and left hand.
  • Hold this position for five long and deep breaths. Return to neutral position and repeat with the opposite hand and leg.

2.The Plank

  • Place yourself in a push-up position, except with arms and legs fully intended. Balance on open palm hands and lift your feet with your toes.
  • Ensure that your arms and legs are equal distance from your body and that you are completely straight with no arching of the back.
  • Hold for five long, deep breaths.

3.The Side Plank

  • Moving straight from the previous plank, move your weight onto your left arm and roll onto so you are sideways balancing on your left arm and left foot. Ensure your body stays in the straightened plank position throughout.
  • Lift your right arm directly upwards to the sky and keep your focus on your fingertips.
  • Hold for three long, deep breaths.
  • The enter a standard plank before repeating with the opposite hand and foot.

4.The Half Moon

  • Place your left foot facing left, fall onto your left hand roughly 15 inches away from your foot (in line with your shoulder so your arm is straight).
  • Lift your right leg to form a 90 degree angle with your legs.
  • Gently push off of the floor with your left hand, be sure not to lose your balance here.
  • Hold both arms full intended outwards with your focus on the fingertips reaching towards the sky.
  • Hold this position for three deep breaths, repeat the inverse exercise.

5.The Awkward Chair

  • Bring your legs together and bend at the knee as if you are sitting on a chair at a 120 degree angle.
  • Ensure your back is straight, your feet are together and parallel and then extend your arms towards the sky with fingertips extended and palms facing inwards towards each other.
  • Hold this position for five long, deep breaths.
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