5 Techniques for Coping with Rejection


The fear of rejection sometimes hurt, but it should not hold you back from going on with your life. Everybody may have experienced the pain of being rejected, but those people who have a strong sense of understanding eventually grow stronger and become a better person than before. To handle this situation, you can try these steps to cope with rejection.

1. Acknowledge Your Emotions

Do acknowledge your emotions rather than deny, ignore or suppress the pain. It is better handled when you admit if you get disappointed, embarrassed or discouraged, don’t be afraid to admit. It is important to have confidence in your ability in dealing with uncomfortable emotions head on. This is because it is essential to cope with your discomfort in a manner that is healthy.

So, whether you have been turned down for a promotion or being stood up by a date, the feeling of rejection can sting. The best thing to do is to convince yourself that what happened was uncontrollable and that you should let it go.

2. Treat It As Evidence that You Are Pushing to the Limit

Take note that successful people consider rejection as proof that they are living their life to the fullest. For this reason, they expect to receive some rejection, as they don’t fear to go for it, despite the thoughts of it being a long shot.

3. Treat Yourself with Compassion

If you just got dumped by your beloved or being fired from your job, accepting more beating from feeling more guilt and negative emotions will just worsen the situation. Most of all, it will only keep yourself down. On this part, try to talk to yourself simply like a trusted friend. Do this in a very compassionate manner and you will be surprised.

4. Don’t Allow Rejection to Define You

It is not a good thing to make sweeping generalizations when you get rejected. If one establishment will not hire you, it is not wise to declare yourself incompetent. More so, if you got rejected by your love interest, don’t conclude that you are no longer lovable. As a matter of fact, you can keep it in a more proper perspective instead.

This is because a single happening or incident should not define who you are. Remember that your self-worth does not depend on others’ opinion about yourself. So even if someone thinks something about you, this doesn’t mean that it is already true.

5. Learning from Rejection

People who are mentally strong find rejection as a way to learn. If they experience pain, they simply turn it into something that can be utilized for self-growth. So, with each rejection that happens, they only get stronger and they become better.

Take note that rejection can sometimes be a good lesson to learn. Thus, whether you have learned about certain areas in your life that requires improvement or simply recognizing that being rejected is not as awful as you have really imagined, it is indeed a good teacher. So, you can use rejection as a way to move forward with more wisdom this time.

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