5 Techniques for Coping with Disappointment


An emotion that will affect your understanding and management is commonly called disappointment. It can sometimes happen when you expect something good to happen, but you get the exact opposite instead. This can be in line with your work or personal life, which could be a serious event or just a minor thing that you should not be worried in the first place. Either way, in order to better manage this condition, you should be able to follow these easy steps in coping with disappointment.

1. Managing Your Emotion

It is essential to allow yourself to feel in order to figure out how the event matters to you. If possible, don’t make any critical decisions during this time. So, you need to take a time out until you reach a calmer mind state. When you do, that is the only time that you can resume making decisions or act on something accordingly.

2. Try Not to Take it Personally

Many people attribute the negative events in their life as their own personal failure. It is important to know that life will still go on with or without you. So, rest assured that what happened during the event really had nothing to do with you.

When you try to take something personally, it can narrow your point of view which will prevent you from gaining wisdom. Take note that it is the ability to see life from a broader, deeper, and better perspective.

You can be able to discover more about your life and yourself but it should not be within the boundaries you have set. You can just simply wait because insight requires patience.

3. Review Your Expectations

Taking a good look on your expectations can take you closer to understanding a particular event that failed. You may notice that your expectations were far from reality. If they were, then you can have an adjustment in order to cope with the new reality.

4. Take a Perspective Look at Things

Having a good mental health should be able to self-reflect on certain events. So, you must take some time exploring about what really happened. This means that you have to evaluate what it means and what lessons it has taught you regarding the realities of life. You can talk to a therapist or a person who can truly listen that should have the best interest by heart. This will help you recover, gain clarity and insight, and re-evaluate the things that should make you feel a lot better.

5. Plan Your Next Action

If you have followed the given steps, it is now time to make your next move. This is the moment to make important decisions on what you need to do next. If you think that you can succeed by doing the plan of action again that you have done previously, then you can do so.

A good option should be trying to do another approach or tactic. After learning how to self-reflect, understanding, and dealing with disappointments, you should more likely be able to experience success.

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