4 Yoga Poses for Adrenal Fatigue


Be gentle with your body when healing from adrenal fatigue. Read on for some poses to help you ease into exercise and heal naturally.

1. (Supported) Bridge Pose

The bridge pose is a wonderful one to gently work into more difficult poses, and for the beginner or anyone who needs extra help, it can be easily modified to give you extra support. Begin on your back with arms relaxed by your side. Bending your knees, plant your feet on the floor closer to your body. On an exhale, press up your hips and flatten your whole body so that you are supported only by your feet and shoulders. If this is too difficult to hold, simply place a yoga block under your back for more support. Hold for a few deep breaths then lower slowly to the floor.

2. Sphinx Pose

On your stomach with your legs straight out behind you, rest your arms by your side, elbow tucked in and hands by your face. Pressing up with your arms as well as pulling with your back, stretch your head up to the ceiling, opening your chest and heart. You will immediately feel your muscles working, but with your elbows and forearms on the floor they will hold most of your weight. Stay in this pose for a few deep breaths then slowly lower to the ground.

3. Legs up on the Wall Pose

Close to a wall, sit down and turn so that you are facing it. As you lay back, extend your legs and rest them up against the wall. Lower back pain during this pose can be fixed by using a towel to support your body. Rest with your arms at your side and free of tension while your feet and legs are up on the wall. Allow yourself to breathe deeply while your mind relaxes in this pose.

4. Child’s Pose

A wonderful way to end your yoga practice or to just relax during the day – on your knees, sitting back on your ankles, spread your knees apart to shoulder-width. Stretch your body forward, coming to rest between your knees with your forehead on your mat. Your arms will reach over your head, palms flat on the mat. This pose can be held for a long time as you breathe and slowly recover.

No matter your skill level, yoga can help you with your adrenal fatigue. Try incorporating some of these poses into your practice or just try them throughout the day to see a benefit.

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