3 Yoga Poses for Hypertension


Hypertension is a huge problem for a lot of people. One of the primary catalysts for hypertension is a lack of exercise, and most importantly, a lack of flexibility. If you’re not flexible, you’re going to have a greater chance of dying in general. As morbid and alarmist as that may sound, it’s the simple truth. So rather than putting your body and mind at risk, it’s time to start doing some exercises that will hopefully mitigate the threat of an early onset death. The best way to do this is by doing yoga poses. Here are some of the best poses to incorporate into your routine. Please note, there are hundreds of different poses, but these are just a few that we personally recommend to combat your hypertension.

The Forward Fold

The forward fold is a difficult pose to describe, but it’s very similar to bending over with straight legs so your stomach is touching the tops of your quadriceps. This pose is great because it fully engages the hamstrings and quadriceps, and it is a stressful pose. But remember, stress is good sometimes, and the best kinds of stress are muscular and flexibility-related stress. This pose engages your core as well, and it will help raise your heart rate so you can stave off an abnormally high heart rate.

The Downward Dog

This is perhaps one of the most common yoga poses there is. Even the novice yoga practitioner knows the downward dog, and this is a great pose because it forces your entire spine into perfect alignment. This is a great pose for people that suffer a lot of stress, and it does a nice job of keeping your vertebrae perfectly even, and it thus reduces your stress levels. When you’re breathing normally and calmly, this means your pressure is going to drop, thereby preventing or reversing the adverse effects of hypertension.

The Turtle

Turtle is an awesome relaxation pose and is forces you down on your stomach, forearms relaxes, but you’re on your knees with your head forward touching the ground. This is a tough pose for some with flexibility issues, but it is a great concentration pose. It will help you meditate and get out of your head, which is a great way to reduce stress, and by proxy, your blood pressure.

These are just a couple poses to keep in mind, but remember, just doing a little yoga will go a long way in helping to combat your hypertension issues.

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