4 Second Chakra Yoga Poses


The second chakra is well known to be in charge of people’s self-confidence, emotional self-worth, and creativity. It’s important to make sure that this chakra is balanced so that you can relate to others correctly, manage your emotions, and reach out to others. There are specific yoga poses that target the second chakra, strengthen it, and open it to make you healthy and emotionally stable.

1. Triangle

With arms raised overhead and feet spread apart, twist to the side and lower down. You will keep a straight back and bend from the waist. The twist should engage your spine and you’ll feel, in time, that you can twist farther and farther. Now reach the opposite hand down to the foot you twisted toward. This stretch opens up your hips and back. Make sure to repeat on the other side.

2. The Cobra

Begin on your stomach, hands planted by your shoulders. The most important thing to remember in this pose is that you are lifting with your back and spine. Do not use your arms to push up! Raise your head to the ceiling, opening your chest and heart. Hold the pose, using only the strength of your back and spine to do so.

3. Twist

On the floor, bend your right leg and place it over your straight left leg. Keep your knee up and your foot pressed into the side of your thigh. Twist to the right so that your left armpit touches your right knee. Reaching your right arm behind you to the floor to stabilize yourself you can use your left arm to press back on your right knee, resulting in a deeper stretch. Breathe deeply while you push into the stretch and repeat on the opposite side.

4. Leg Lifts

On your back with legs straight bring one leg up, with knee bent to the chest. Hug it in and hold it, repeating on the other side. Then sit up, lean forward, and grab one foot with both hands. Exhaling, sit up, bringing the straight leg with you. This is a great way to relax the hips while strengthening muscles. Repeat as desired and on the other side as well.

It’s important to work these poses into your yoga practice to make sure that your second chakra is healthy and taken care of. They are fun poses that will release tension, open your hips, and make you stronger. Try them today and see the difference that they’ll make in your life.

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