4 Yoga Sitting Poses


A lot of the sitting yoga poses are the basic poses that a beginner ought to learn. Many of the poses are adaptable to fit different levels of strength as well as flexibility. As any yoga teacher will advise you, most of the yoga sitting poses focus on energetically grounding the student with more focus on improving flexibility other than strength. Here are four of the basic yoga sitting poses to try out either as an ardent yoga enthusiast or as a beginner.

1. Thirty Degree Slant

This pose creates a bit of pressure on your third eye as well as the four lumbar vertebrae. Sit with your buttocks starting from a relaxed pose or full lotus pose. Lean back 30 degrees while maintaining your spine straight and your eyes semi-open for the purpose of meditation.

2. Lion Pose

This is a perfect yoga sitting pose for people with jaw, tongue, sore throat, or teeth problems. Bend the knees and ensure your feet are straight with your heels touching your anus. Position your hands in such a way that they are on your knees or lap. Stick your tongue out and emulate a lion’s sound. This will link your three bandhas, and it will improve your eyesight.

3. Full Lotus Pose

There are two kinds of lotus poses, full and half lotus poses. The full lotus pose benefits you by giving your body an enormous sense of stability and mental concentration. Sit on your buttocks and place one foot on top of the other leg’s thigh. Finish the pose by putting your back and neck straight. Whichever leg you start with is your choice.

4. Half Lotus Pose

As the name dictates, this is a variation of the full lotus position. It involves two options. Bend one leg and place your heel on the opposite leg’s thigh. Bend the other leg and bring it towards your buttocks.

You can also sit on the heel of your leg as you place the heel of the free leg on the thigh of the leg whose heel you are sitting on ensuring that your back and neck are straight.

While you are practicing the above and more yoga sitting poses, remember to breathe properly. Breathing will regulate your state of concentration, emotions, and mind. Ensure to get lessons on breathing for yoga sitting poses. Deep breathing is one of the ways to make sure that you get the best out of the above yoga sitting poses.

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