4 Root Chakra Yoga Poses


Root chakra yoga is used to help people ground themselves and feel like we have a solid foundation for our lives. When someone’s root chakra is out of balance they may find themselves feeling insecure, greedy, or negative. By practicing these root chakra yoga poses you can make sure that you have control over your life and are as balanced and grounded as you can possibly be.

1. Mountain Pose

This pose is the basis for a number of other root chakra yoga poses, and for good reason. You are grounding yourself in the most basic way. Standing with feet apart, a straight back, and hands by your side, take deep breaths. Imagine that you are a tree or a mountain, connected to the earth and a part of it. As you breath think about drawing power from the ground and growing into it as well.

2. Standing Forward Bend

Your feet will stay connected to the ground in this pose and you will release tension that you have while stretching your hamstrings. Bend forward over your legs and reach for the ground. Alternately, hold onto the back of your calves. Either way you will breath deeper into the stretch and pose. Hold it and feel the tension that you carry with you leaving.

3. Warrior Pose 1

Starting in mountain pose begin by taking a deep breath and stepping back with one leg. Turn that foot out and make sure that it is firmly planted onto the ground. Bend your front leg to a right angle and then, breathing deeply, stretch your arms together up to the sky. Your fingers should be pointed straight up as you hold this pose and breathe. You can press your palms together while you breathe and hold this pose for 60 seconds. After that, step your foot forward and switch sides.

4. Corpse Pose

It may come with a morbid name, but this root chakra yoga pose is a wonderful way to end your practice. You’ll love the fact that your whole body, not just your feet, is in contact with the ground, drawing energy and life from the earth. Lying on your back, stretch out your legs and arms. Your legs will be straight. Pull your shoulderblades under your body to help your neck lengthen. You hands will be by your body with palms up or down. Breathe deeply but stay still. Aim for 10-12 minutes in this pose.

By incorporating some of these root chakra yoga poses into your daily practice you’re sure to feel more grounded and stable. Try it and see what you think!

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