Yoga on the Trapeze


There are accounts of Yoga Trapeze being a very ancient practice. It is believed to have been used for back ailments and for naturally stretching the back. Although these accounts cannot be verified with accuracy, yoga trapeze is very much in practice today.  It also goes by the name of  “yoga swing” or “aerial yoga”.  If inversion therapy for back pain seems familiar, yoga trapeze is one of the methods used.  It is used not just for therapy, but also for a fun workout to strengthen the core muscles. The added benefit of engaging the core muscles to stabilize oneself on the trapeze is a great attraction of this yoga form.  As this is done hanging off the ground, gravity is working hard on the body making the muscles work hard as well.

Trapeze yoga can be set up and done at home.  The contraption can be hung on the door frame or from an exposed beam, bar or swing set. The material is made out of strong, stretchy yet soft fabric that holds the body without any friction.  Being off the ground and the fabric being the sole body support, all the body parts are naturally engaged providing deeper back-bends than normal.  It also tones and redefines the muscles, while also increasing the spinal and shoulder flexibility.  The inversion causes more blood to flow to the brain, providing more oxygen, invigorating the whole system.

As with any practice or exercise program, consult the doctor to see if this is right for you.

Watch this beginner video and put your acrobatic skills to test.

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