4 Detox Yoga Poses


Stressed out and feeling bloated? Detox yoga poses can help stimulate your digestive system so your body can flush out the toxins in your system. Combined with a healthy diet and drinking lots of water, this can help you feel a lot better, inside out.

1. Easy: Supine Twist

This is one of the simplest detox yoga poses that even beginners can comfortably do. It wrings your stomach muscles like a towel, so it pushes down waste.

Lie on your yoga mat, and hug your right knee up against your chest. Keep the other arm stretched out like a “T”. Hold this pose for 5 deep breaths and then repeat with your other leg. You can do many repetitions, or hold this for longer counts, if you’re feeling particularly bloated.

Since Supine Twist is a very relaxing pose, it can also quiet the mind and help flush out your negative thoughts, too.

2. Medium: Wide-Legged Forward Bend

This standing pose stimulates circulation and engages your belly, which will encourage your digestion. Start with a Tadasana (Mountain Pose) and then step sideways until feet are 4 feet apart with your toes turned inwards. Stretch your arms behind you and intertwine your fingers into a double fist. Feel that stretch!

Slowly breathe in, and bend forward from the waist. Your spine should be straight and you should feel that your legs and abdomen are fully engaged. Go as low as you can, and then hold that pose for five deep, slow breaths. Then slowly return to your standing position.

3. Medium: Side-to-Side Chair Twists

From the standing position, slowly lower your hips as if you were about to sit on a chair. (You should be able to see your toes.) Keep your knees steady and brings hand together in front of your chest.

Then breathe in, consciously elongating your spine. Breathe out as you slowly twist your torso towards the left with your head looking up at the sky. Breathe in once again as you return to your original position, and then breathe out as you twist towards your left.

This exercise will engage all your stomach muscles, which will help the digestive system and bring you one step closer to flatter abs. Bye bye, bloated belly!

4. Hard: Eagle Pose

Start with the stand or the Mountain Pose then slow bend your left knee as you raise your leg. Slowly wrap this leg around your right leg, with your thighs pressed against the other.
Once you have found your balance, cross your arms at the elbows and press palms against the other. Your fingers should point upward.

This is one of the most challenging detox yoga poses, but the benefits are great. By stretching your legs and encourage circulation in the lower part of your body, it stimulates the lympathic system and flush out any fluid build-up in your legs.

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