3 Vinyasa Yoga Poses


When you first start practicing yoga you will start to realize that it does not take long to familiarize rudimentary poses. It probably was intimidating at first, but not only is it really fun and you can do it with anybody and still enjoy yourself. You will soon start to want to do even more. There is no problem with perfecting your basic poses and making them better. However it is always good to push yourself.

You can take your poses to the next level by building places in your muscles. Many people are surprised at first when they can actually do the more difficult poses, but the truth is, it was in you all along and all you needed to do is reach inside and take it. People often fail to realize their physical capabilities because they lack the mental capabilities. You must first know yourself before you can push yourself. Here are some exercises that will take a total time of about 45 minutes to do. All you will need is a mat and the appropriate attire for doing yoga.

1. Pull-Through Tabletop

You should begin this pose by being seated on the ground. Your feet should be planted with your knees bent, your hands should also remain on the ground right behind of your hips. Now you should levitate your hips to the point that your torso is lined up with the ground. Do this almost until you resemble the top of a table.

Lower your hips through your hands, you can do this utilizing your core muscles. Do not let your bottom make contact with the floor and hold for three to five breaths.

2. Elevated Chair

While in a standing position, start by lowering your hips down and back until you are squatting. You should try to do this with your knees and abs very tight together. Then raise your arms on either side of your head, proceed by slowly levitating up as high as you think you can on your toes.

After the previous steps, lower down about two more inches into your squat. So you should be in even lower squat than before and hold this for three to five breaths. If you want to push yourself, try and squat until your buttocks is almost touching your heels, then rise back up while never letting your heels fall.

3. 90-Degree Extension

Start this position with your hands placed firmly on your knees. Then shortly after you should raise your right leg behind you until it is parallel with your hip. Now you should raise your left arm until it lines up with your shoulder. Make sure your right hand left knee stays balanced.

Now you should carefully and slowly move the raised leg ninety degrees in the right direction. Your raised arm should also be ninety degrees in the left direction. Hold this pose for three breaths to regain spinal balance.

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