4 Energizing Yoga Poses


Yoga not only helps you relax and calm you down, but it can also revitalize you while boosting your energy levels by getting your spine moving and expanding your lungs as well as the heart. Energizing yoga poses range from very simple top ought to the right very complex. It all depends on the level you are of performing yoga. You can practice energizing yoga poses even when you do not have a lot of time. Which then are the essential energizing yoga poses?

Here are four of the most energizing yoga poses to try out at the start of your day or whenever you need a jolt of energy by only practicing for between 10 to 30 minutes.

1. Forward Fold

This energizing yoga pose stretches the hamstrings at the same time it helps you to focus and be grounded in your presence. The co-founder of Lyons Den Power Yoga based in New York City, Bethany Lyons, says this energizing yoga pose is a great way to start your day which helps to center your body.

• Begin the posture by standing with your feet as wide as your hips and keep your knees slightly bent.
• From your hips, bend forward and ensure that your hips are directly in line with your ankles.
• Gently pull your abs to your spine while letting your head hang and hold your elbows in the palms of your hands.
• Inhale and exhale deeply 15 times through your nose as you hold the pose.

2. Mountain Pose

This is energizing yoga pose aligns your spine and aids in correcting the problems in your posture. The mountain pose restores the balance of your body as well as the mind. Here is how to do it.

• Stand with your legs hip-width apart with your feet parallel to each other.
• Lift and tighten the muscles right above your kneecaps and tuck in your tailbone. Raise your head up and away from your shoulders.
• Fill your lungs by inhaling deeply; lift up your arms above your head with the palms facing each other and relax your shoulders. Stretch from your armpits and slowly exhale.
• While gazing straight ahead, inhale and exhale deeply and slowly and hold the mountain pose for a minimum of ten counts.
• Let your arms slowly float down to your sides and repeat as many times as you have time to do this energizing yoga pose.

3. Upright Cat/Cow

The upright cat/cow is an energizing yoga posture that is a seated variation to the classic cat/cow yoga move. The pose helps to move your life force that flows through your spine. You must ensure that you are rocking back and forth to activate your entire spine but ensure not to put any pressure on it. Here is how to do the upright cat/cow pose.

• Sit on your yoga mat with the legs crossed and position your hands on either your shins, ankles or your knees.
• While inhaling, arch your back, roll your shoulders down, push your chest forward and engage your abdominal muscles.
• In the exhaling process, round your spine and relieve the pressure off your abs.
• Repeat the process for at least two minutes with a particular focus on your breath.

4. Archer’s Pose

The archers pose energizing yoga pose strengthens the nerves. It also opens the joints at the shoulder and chest while also strengthening the muscles in your legs. Here is how to do the archer’s pose.

• On your yoga mat, stand with your feet approximately 3 feet apart. Turn your left foot 90 degrees and turn your right foot into about 30 degrees.
• Be careful to ensure that you keep both your shoulders and hips facing forward and bend your left knee. Also, lower your hips by a foot.
• Round your hands into fists and bring them to your sternum. Straighten your left arm and look in the direction your arm is pointing and picture that you have a large bow in your hands and pull back on the string with your right hand.
• Bend your left knee ever so slightly and sink into it and keep your gaze fixed on the target.
• Inhale and exhale deeply and slowly into the center of your chest. As you pull back more with your right hand, squeeze shoulder blades as you lift your chest. Hold the move for at least a minute.
• Finally, lower your arms and straighten your legs. Repeat the archers pose with the other side.

The above and more energetic yoga poses will get you started on your day on an upbeat note, and you will be feeling great the whole day especially when practiced in the morning and in more regular intervals. The energizing yoga poses will also lower your stress levels and will give a total body workout in the long run.

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