2 Yoga Poses For Stress Relief


Feeling stressed? Good news. There are numerous yoga poses that you can do in your own living room to help ease your mind, calm your nerves, and regain relief from all the craziness of daily life. Maybe you are not an expert at yoga? Guess what? That is perfectly okay. Below you will find just a few simple yoga poses that anyone from a beginner to an expert can practice to get relaxed and ease the stress level.

Yoga Poses for Stress Relief That You Can Do At Home

1. Childs Pose

If you have ever done yoga, aside from downward dog, this is probably the pose with which you are most familiar. The child pose is the position that yoga instructors will call the class to go to when it is time to take a breather. So, that makes sense for how it could be stress relieving right? It is a time to take a breath, remove distractions, put the body in a comforting position, and just simply let the world around you slow down as you focus on only your body.

How To Do It:

Step One: Get into your most comfortable clothing. Yoga is best practiced in clothing that is not baggy or too loose-fitting. Stretchy clothing is your best bet! Kick off your shoes, get ready to relax.
Step Two: Kneel down onto a yoga mat, or if you do not own one, just try the carpet or a towel.
Step Three: Sit down on the back of your heels, and let your torso hang down until your chest can rest on the tops of your legs (your thighs).
Step Four: Let your head rest down onto the ground. Close your eyes. Stretch your arms back towards your feet with your palms facing upward. Let your body completely fall with gravity into the ground as you let your mind take you to a state of relaxation.

2. Corpse Pose

Now, this sounds scary… but don’t worry. It is anything but that! This pose might relax you enough to let you drift off to sleep.

How To Do It:

Step One: Lie flat on your back onto the floor or a yoga mat.
Step Two: Keep your limbs straight but relaxed and down. Palms facing upward, close your eyes and set your intention. Breathe slowly in and out as you let the weight of your body sink into relaxation.

Try these at home. You’ll be glad you did.

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