4 Yoga Strap Poses


Yoga straps are a wonderful way to make sure that you are getting the most out of your yoga practice. They can help with deepening stretches, posture, give you support, and make sure that your body is correctly aligned. If you’ve never used a yoga strap before, don’t worry! They’re suitable for yogis of any level and can be useful if you’re a beginner or an expert. Read on for a few ways to use a yoga strap in your next practice!

1. Seated Forward Bend

This pose can be a tricky one to lean into without rounding your back. By looping a yoga strap around your feet and holding an end in each hand, you can achieve a deeper forward bend and better hamstring stretch. Just be careful not to force yourself deeper. Breathe and pull gently.

2. Reclining Leg Stretch

With your back and one leg flat on the floor, loop the yoga strap around the other foot and extend it straight to the ceiling. You’ll hold onto the yoga straps with both hands and can gently guide your leg forward toward your torso, thereby getting a deeper stretch. Make sure to repeat on the opposite leg as well.

3. Dancer’s Pose

Place one foot in the loop of the strap and hold the ends with your hands. Use the strap to help pull your leg up to the sky. Your elbows should be pointed up with your hands over your head. You can “walk” your hands down the strap to pull your foot and leg higher and higher. Hold the pose and then repeat on the other side.

4. Boat Pose

With the strap around your feet and the ends in your hands you can achieve a tighter boat pose. Lift your legs and torso into the boat pose and then shorten the strap with your hands to give your feet and legs support. You’ll love the alignment that you’ll achieve – no more wobbling around on the mat trying to hold this difficult pose. The support that the strap provides will let your muscles get stronger safely.

Hopefully you’ll see that the yoga strap is a wonderful tool for any yogi to use during practice. The four poses listed here are just the beginning. You can use the strap to modify most poses, and as long as you do it safely, it can really help you in your practice. No matter your level, the strap is a great way to help you with your poses.

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