3 Twisting Yoga Poses


Twisting Yoga poses are poses in which the body is twisted in various ways. They can all be adapted to accommodate different levels of experience and ability, and even the most basic of twisting poses can be highly useful to the body and to the mind. This article will outline some of the best twisting yoga poses for you.

1. Noose Pose

The Noose Pose is an intermediate level twisting yoga pose. It is also known as the Pasasana. The arms are wrapped around the legs and the hands are clasped together while the body is in a squat position. When in this position, the body is twisted to one side. The correct squat position for the noose pose can be difficult to get into at first, but once this move is perfected it is a strong twisting move that will encourage flexibility.

2. Revolved Side Angle Pose

The Revolved Side Angle Pose is otherwise known as the Parivrtta Parsvakonasana. It is one of the most common twisting poses due to its versatility- it can be performed by everybody from a beginner level to an advanced level, with varying degrees of difficulty. A lunge position is performed, then the opposite elbow is brought to the outside of the forward leg, then the body is twisted towards the ceiling. This pose stimulates the opening of the internal organs, and a deep twist towards the ceiling can be performed with the hands clasped together.

3. Revolved Head to Knee Pose

The Revolved Head to Knee Pose is often referred to as the seated twist. It is of intermediate difficulty, but there are many variations of the move that can be used to turn it into an advanced move. It can also be called the Parivttra Janu Sirsasana. This twisting yoga pose stretches all the muscles in the sides, the spine, the oblique muscles and the arms. With the legs outstretched to the sides, the arm is brought over the head to reach the opposite foot. As the move gets more advanced, the head is brought down to meet the knee. This move is performed on both sides to encourage full flexibility on both sides.

These are just some of the twisting yoga poses that can be performed, and they are three of the most common twisting poses. All these moves should be performed with care, and it is important to ensure that you don’t overstretch yourself, and that you do not cause yourself injury or harm when performing stretching yoga poses.

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