Yogic Meditation


Yoga is a physical and mental discipline that was invented by the people in India. It is an old technique that exists more than 5000 years. The word itself means uniqueness between the mind and the body. People who practice yoga reach peace and relaxation. Meditation is part of the yoga. With the help of it, we will reach a deep level of calmness. Imagine that the mind is a small kid that keeps jumping and with the help of yogic meditation we will try to calm it down.


Yogic meditation is best performed in a calm pleasant environment preferably your home, the park or the beach. Candles and music for relaxation can helps us achieve what we want. During mediation, it is important to focus on the breathing technique. What you need to do is put your hands on the stomach, close your eyes breathe in and out through the nose. Make sure your stomach moves when you breathe, that is how you will know that you are performing the abdominal breathing technique. What we are trying to achieve during this process, is to get rid of stress and worries. It can only be achieved if we focus on a pleasant feeling or some kind of object.

Yogic meditation is good for the muscles and the bones. This technique increases the strength of the muscles and gives them a good shape. Besides that, yogic meditation improves the bone strength, reduces stress and depression. It can be performed by healthy people and people who suffered some kind of injury or trauma. Meditation will definitely speed up the recovery process.

During meditation, whenever you notice a free flow of thoughts, don’t try to stop them, it will only make you feel upset. Simply let them in, accept them knowing that they can’t hurt you because you are much stronger than them. It will be very hard for you to mediate if you are fighting with strong emotions. If you are struggling with anxiety for example, focus on certain parts of your body, the stomach or the chest. You will notice how those feelings disappear in just a few minutes.

Today, you can find so many different meditation songs that can help you relax and practice this technique better. But nothing is better than silence. If you have a chance, practice yogic meditation in a silent room with nothing to disturb you or distract you.

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