What is a Yoga Bolster Used For


A yoga bolster is a yoga pillow, only slightly firmer to provide support. They come in varied shapes and sizes, you can even make them yourself. It is designed to help you relax, open your body and provide support during poses. Everyone can use them, from the learner yogi to the expert and you’ll even see your teacher use them. You may experience them during classes depending on your teacher and their prop inventory.

Examples of Poses for Use with the Bolster

1. Final Resting Pose – Savasana – A greatly relaxing and still pose. Your body is relaxed and connected with the ground, you find peace and stillness here. To add comfort and support your lower back, pop the bolster just below your hips and allow your thighs / back of knees to rest over it.

2. Supported Positions – Such as a Back Bend – This allows the head, neck and back to be fully supported. By placing the bolster length ways from your lower back upwards so it can support you.

3. Forward Bends – Whether it is a type of forward forward fold or a seated bend, the bolster can help support the front of you allowing you to relax while stretching important muscle groups.

4. Seated Position – Such as Easy pose – Sitting in cross legged variations can be difficult for long periods of time. Using a bolster can help support your lower limbs while providing a good seat for posture and connection. If you are uncomfortable during meditation, it is worth giving it a go.

5. Restorative Yoga – Probably most commonly used for this. You can use the bolster to support your body as you drape over it and relax (if you’re a mother and used a pillow in bed to support yourself while pregnant, you’ll already understand the benefits). You can also use smaller bolsters to support other areas such as ankles, wrists and under the knees.

You can also use a bolster out of yoga classes or sessions as well. Consider using a bolster in bed at night to support your lower back, under the back of your knees or to drape your leg over while on your side. If you are an office worker or drive long distances, you can use a mini bolster to improve your posture while sitting in a chair. Benefits from this will include reduced back pains and better posture.

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