4 Best Yoga Relaxation Techniques


Yoga relaxation techniques are effective in relieving mental and body tension. These methods play an important role in releasing the grip of the muscles when not in use. Additionally, these techniques make it possible for the muscles to receive signals from the brain to allow the body to tackle physical activities throughout the day.

Pointers to Remember

  • Look for quiet environment devoid of distractions such as noise or people.
  • Keep the body warm. If possible, do not practice on the floor especially if it is cold. Increase the temperature in the room or cover yourself with a blanket.
  • Avoid the practice of these relaxation techniques with a full stomach.

Here are some yoga techniques to try for relaxation:

1. Shoulder Stretch

To release tension on the shoulders and the neck, do the shoulder stretch. Raise your arms above the head with interlaced fingers and with palms out. Ensure to keep the arms in line with the ears and relax the shoulder blades down the back while looking forward. Breathe in and out through the nose and hold after five breaths. Slowly bring the arms to the sides and roll the shoulders to the front then to the back several times. Repeat the stretching and again, hold after five full breaths.

2. Square Breathing

To manage anxiety and clear your mind, practice square breathing. Deep breathing is very effective to relax even in the middle of a busy day. Square breathing is one way to do this and can be done anywhere so long as you can sit comfortably. While seated, be on upright position, whether in a chair or on the floor. Breathe in through the nose with four counts. Hold the breath in for four counts and breathe out slowly, for four counts, from the nose. Repeat the cycle for ten times.

3. Heart Opener

To correct concave chest from sitting to long in front of the computer, do the heart opener technique. Stand with feet apart as wide as your hips and reach your hand from your back. Clasp them in at fist at the base of the back. Lift the clasped hands from behind as high as possible with eyes looking straight. This will pull the shoulder blades together. For more stretching, fold over the legs and let gravity clasped the hands onto the floor. Do this with five full breaths.

4. Eagle Arms

To relieve deep-seated shoulder knots, do the eagle arms. While still standing with the legs apart at hip distance, hold the arms from the sides and parallel to the floor. Bring the arms together by swinging them, with the left elbow over to the right elbow. Bend the elbows to make the back of the hands touch. Next, let the palms face each other by hooking one hand over the other hand. After the arm wrap, keep the elbows lifted with the face straight and press the palms into each other while the elbows are apart. Relax the shoulders as a distinct stretch in the neck is felt as well as in the shoulder blades. Do this with five full breaths.

Yoga relaxation techniques are effective in stretching the muscles, particularly in the neck, shoulders and lower extremities. By practicing these techniques, you can de-stress after a hectic day and get a restful sleep.

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