How to Use Yoga Toes


Each and every day our feet take a beating. The abuse can come in the form of uncomfortable shoes, spending too much time on our feet, frequent running, dancing, and much more! Getting any form of relief from painful feet can be a welcome change, but it won’t fix the problems.

That’s where Yoga Toes come in! These cushions will separate your toes and stretch every part of your foot, giving your feet some much needed papering. With Yoga Toes, you get a full stretch in your foot, not only in your toes. These dividers will stretch your between, above, and beneath your toes, as well as the top of your foot and into your legs.

They will strengthen and stretch all aspects of your foot – and you only have to slip them on. No other work is required! Let’s dig a little further into what Yoga Toes can do for you.

Get the Help You Need for Common Foot Ailments

Are you part of the 75% of Americans that suffer from different foot issues? If so, Yoga Toes can help. Using Yoga Toes will stretch every part of your foot to help relieve the pain and cosmetic appearance of various issues. Everything from bunions, flat feet, overlapping toes, hammer toes, etc.

When you slip on a pair of Yoga Toes, your feet are in their natural state. Barefoot, relaxed, and stretched – exactly the way they were meant to be. Using Yoga Toes regularly can increase healing of the problems listed above, and will help return your feet back to their beautiful natural state!

You only have to slip on Yoga Toes, sit back, and relax.

Help Manage Foot Pain

Since Yoga Toes stretch your feet in the proper way, studies have shown that through regular use, they can help manage foot pain. When you slide Yoga Toes onto your feet, the plastic will spread and stretch your toes and muscles, increasing blood flow, which helps to relieve pain!

For even more relief, try to freeze or warm up your Yoga Toes. The heat or cold can help with the pain while your Yoga Toes stretch it away.

Work on Your Flexibility and Alignment

Flexibility, balance… they both stem from our feet. Without a decent base, we aren’t at the top of our game. Yoga Toes will realign your feet with your legs. This is done through the muscles that are stretched when you wear your Yoga Toes.

Since all of the muscles in the feet are worked over, this eventually leads into your legs, hips, knees, and even your spine! Your feet, after all, are what keep you grounded and supported – if they aren’t relaxed and optimized, the problem can travel upwards through the body. When your toes and feet are relaxed and flexible, overtime, you can become more limber.

Using Yoga Toes increases the flexibility in your feet, and helps to bring your body back to a more natural aligned position. They will help you correct misalignment from high heels, shoes that don’t fit properly, and just simple over use.

Who Can Benefit from Yoga Toes?

Anyone! If you walk, chances are your feet take on some difficult tasks each and every day. From simply walking around and office to the server on their feet all day long, anyone can benefit from Yoga Toes.

Since Yoga Toes bring your feet back to a natural barefoot state, and stretches your toes and foot muscles exactly where they need to be, using Yoga Toes for only 15 minutes a day can bring on a significant change in the health of your feet.

And the best thing about them? You don’t have to do anything while your feet get the much-needed attention and love that they deserve. All you do is slip on your Yoga Toes (use a little water to help them slide on if they’re too sticky!) and put up your feet.

If you aren’t normally barefoot, or your feet aren’t used to stretches (most aren’t!), take is slowly at first. Start with 15 minutes each day with your Yoga Toes. After you become more comfortable and accustomed to 15 minutes, increase the length of time that you wear your Yoga Toes. You can even sleep in them if you want to!

Wear then in the bath, walk with them, whatever you need to do – Yoga Toes are flexible and conform to your lifestyle. They ultimately bring your feet back to their natural state. Bare foot, and happy.

As you continue on your Yoga Toes exercise regime, you’ll notice the benefits mentioned above, and much more. You’ll start to realize how much your feet need to be stretched and freed – and not kept in confining shoes or boots all day long!

While our feet often are neglected and overlooked in our exercise routines, it’s time to focus on making them happy again, and in turn, increasing your overall health.

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