The Secret About the Law of Attraction


In recent years there has been a lot of hype about the Law of Attraction and manifesting our intentions.  The idea has been popularized by books like The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, journalist investigations by Lynne McTaggart and others, as well as scientific research by the Institute of Noetic Sciences as well as notable educational institutions.  Countless articles have been written in popular magazines as if this is a new discovery.

The secret is that the Law of Attraction is not a new invention or capability we have uncovered.  Our reality has always operated this way.  It is a fundamental aspect of the universe that we draw in what we put out.  That is the case for individuals, for communities, for nations, and for the whole planet.  Whatever we implicitly believe in becomes our explicit reality.  You don’t have to invoke the Law of Attraction, it is already operating.  The problem is just that our minds are not coherently focused, but chaotic and compulsive.  For example, we may wish for wealth but deep seeded thought patterns about what we believe about ourselves completely undermine any whim or wish.

People like to blame God for the state of the planet and all the suffering we see in the news.  But the truth is that humanity has shaped the planet through thousands of years of our collective intentions.  Both the wonderful aspects and the terrible aspects of this world were ideas in human minds before they became reality.  That being the case, should we not see about inclusive clarity of our minds, rather than self-preservation?  Is that not why we have so much inequality and suffering – because the average person is intending their own survival and self-gain above all else?

Once the mind, body, emotions, and energies are synergized then the synchronicity of intention happens.  The key is unwavering focus, which is the missing element in most people attempting the Law of Attraction.  Either blind faith, without any negativity, or conscious willful focus – that’s how it works.  It needs powerful thought, without doubtful energies which just dilute the possibilities.

But empowerment comes with responsibility – think of the wonder of today’s technology and how it brings so much convenience and well-being but also a fair amount of misery and separateness.  That’s not a fault of the technology, but our use of it.  So, we are compulsive in action, not conscious in action.  The Creator has brought such a magnificent creation into being, such that within its framework, human beings can in turn bring their own intentions into reality – is that not staggering to contemplate?  We can create, so should we not do so consciously and inclusively – joyful and loving for all?  Just as a chaotic mind can not manifest its intentions, a conglomeration of opposing human beings also can not co-create a coherent reality that is nurturing for all – and in fact, that is in many ways what we have right now.  So we need to recognize our superpower and use it well.

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