What is Akash?


As you have probably heard, in the tradition of ancient Eastern sciences, everything in physical existence is made up of five elements: Air, Water, Fire, Earth and Space.  That term “space” is often used as the fifth element but the original term is “Akash” which translates better as “ether”.  We use the word “space” but people often associate that with empty space.  Akash is not empty space – it is a subtle but still tangible and very essential element in yogic science.  Think of it as etheric space, not empty space. To read about this fundamental element, check out this link: https://celebrateyoga.org/space-fundamental-element/

To begin to access one’s Akashic element, we must begin with increasing our awareness of the transaction happening between our body and the rest of creation.  We take our breath for granted but that is the most obvious transaction between this body and all of life.  The food that we eat is also a transaction.  Our touch is another.  All of the senses are opportunities to heighten the level of awareness of the transactions constantly happening.  For example, that is why in Buddhism there is so much focus on increasing awareness in the present moment to all that is currently transacting in and around ourselves.  All this is to elevate the Akash element.

So the question is why – what is the significance of enhancing one’s Akash?  Being the fundamental element in the mechanism of physical existence, Akash stands at the boundary of our limited body self and the expanding existence beyond.  That is why it begins with awareness of body and sense transactions – because these are the boundaries of our physical body.  Breaking beyond the gross boundaries by enhancing the Akash expands one’s limitations.  The ability to perceive is greatly enhanced.  Mystical aspects of life become available.  One gains access to the boundless.

Akash is the most expansive element within us.  Unlike the other elements, we can expand this element’s manifestation within us.  An easy daily practice to do so is through spiritual gratitude.  At sunrise, when the sun is within 30 degrees of the horizon, glance into the sky and express deepest gratitude to the Akashic element that is holding you and all of existence in place.  Do so again during the day, and once again after sunset – three times a day bow down to Akash and over time you will notice its reverberation rising within you.

You may have also heard of Akashic Records.  That simply refers to the karmic memory, in the form of energy, which influences the conglomeration of Akash as well as the other elements in the formulation of a physical object, whether inanimate or animate.


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