The concept of being “Successful”


The dictionary meaning of “Success” is the achievement of desired visions and planned goals. Thus, success for each individual is typically their own gauge. But, unfortunately we tend to put the term successful in a very narrow tangible bracket. We are inclined to measure success from a material perspective – attaining wealth, affluence, popularity, status. Steeped in our ignorance, we think happiness is a natural by-product of being successful.

But, that is not true in real life. The rich and successful people are not necessarily the happiest people. Countless celebrities and famous personalities have succumbed to depression, drugs, alcohol at the peak of their successful careers. Clearly, their success could not really give them peace of mind and true Happiness.

So how does one solve this jigsaw puzzle – be successful and still be joyful at all times? The endeavor is to allow intangibles to contribute to this equation, which broadens the definition of being successful.

” Success at all costs” is a phrase used in a very competitive environment, work place, project deadlines etc. A relentless pursuit at being successful means to work hard and take advantage of all opportunities, but with a holistic frame of mind. One can argue and say, all successful people have tight schedules, hectic lives, and the justification list can indeed become endless.

How does one draw the fine line to take a break and not get carried away in the wave of success? Extremely ambitious people entwine their personality with their success, and find it very difficult to disengage or take a step back. Thus, one has to be cautious and learn to integrate the money, power with an ingredient of maintaining balance, well-being and wisdom.

Based on this we can establish a link between being successful and happiness. Billionaires, celebrities admit the luxurious life styles does not really give them everlasting happiness. They soon realize this fact and start giving more emphasis to different aspects in their life – helping other people, nurturing relationships, making a difference in other people’s lives, showing compassion to other people. These acts create a deep sense of satisfaction which is not superficial resulting in a tranquil mind with a cheerful personality.

A drastic change of approach is needed for all of us as mental health is a growing concern in affluent societies. We need to make our lives more meaningful than chasing awards, accolades, trophies, celebrity status or popularity on social media.

The most crucial part of this puzzle is literally to keep your feet firmly grounded with humility and gratitude. As we deepen our own Awareness, we get a sense of a barometer within our own self, which leads us in the direction which is in sync with our well-being. This becomes an indicator for us to take success and failure in our stride in the same vein. Giving importance to both these situations and utilizing them to inspire us bring harmony in our lives. Failures are more beneficial as they become learning curves for us. Tasting success early on in life can make us arrogant, complacent or lazy.

Taking a simple walk with no mental chatter, performing a simple task with no anxiety or stress, feeling truly happy when we hear about other people’s achievements and accolades are the intangible that contributes toward success. We can make this happen when we are truly at peace with our own Self.  In this elated and heartening state any activity will become successful!

“Success is getting what you want, happiness is wanting what you get.”- Ingrid Bergman

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