“Boons”or “Curses” – Surrender and treat them alike


“To give oneself up into the power of another” is the simple meaning of surrender. In a war situation surrender was like accepting defeat as we lost the courage to fight.

In a spiritual practice the meaning of surrender touches a deeper aspect within us. We accept that everything is not within our control and we allow the “Divine’ or “Universe” to take control. Once we give up control, we stop judging the circumstances and loosen the grip on our preconceived ideas of how things should work for us.

There is a very fine line between giving up when we are left with no choice or simply being in a situation with acceptance that the outcome may not be the one we desire. This act of letting go is very subtle where we give up control and yet continue our action with intense involvement. During the course of this task we have to tackle the obstacles as required without any internal conflict or resistance, thus avoiding the mental chatter which creates a pain story about the challenges we face in our lives.

The endeavor is to keep a perspective that hindrances may not resolve and we may not achieve the desired goal that we have been striving for. If needed, we may have to change our course completely and start a fresh new path in life. The essence is to allow the wish of the Universe to nourish us. This Divine power influences and navigates us.

One has to be careful of the trap created by our ego where doubts arise and make us judgmental. Letting go of the definition of right and wrong, failure and success, criticizing and finding faults in others becomes a barrier to complete surrender.

A time-tested method is to allow ourselves to stay in the present for every moment and stay committed to that moment, without any internal and external conflict. In simpler words, it means to give our full attention to that moment we are in whatever we may be engaged in. So we are really in full acceptance of that moment with no friction thus allowing us to surrender completely. Instantly a sense of peace overwhelms us and connect us to the deeper intelligence within. The innate intelligence residing within is connected to the Universal intelligence. So for that moment we have connected to the wisdom of the Universe, which will be our guiding factor in our journey.

Essentially we will feel a sense of empowerment as we realize that the Divine intelligence is guiding us and we don’t have to worry anymore about the outcome or the conclusion of anything.

Spiritual surrender means to break all internal barriers and inner conflicts which bring clarity and shows us that all experiences of life are transitory in nature. So we consciously stop expecting any situation or person or action to be the way we think is the correct way to be. We learn to be happy in very moment with an alert stillness of mind.

Questions like why, how or when all disappear as we surrender to the vast intelligence around us and experience the divinity residing within us! We are able to accept the most burdensome situation and yet not suffer from it as we feel the grace that this hurdle is to improve ourself and is actually a “Gift” to grow into a better human being.

“Life is full of curses and boons. But you do not know whether a curse is a boon or a boon is a curse because life has its own way of mixing things up.” – Sadhguru


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