What is Agni Yoga


Agni yoga originates in the 1920’s, and was brought to the world by husband and wife Nicholas and Helena Roerich. Many Agni yoga practitioners believe that the practice of Agni yoga was transmitted to the Roerich’s by former yoga masters. Considering that the Roerich’s are an artistic family, this form of yoga appeals to many socially liberal and intellectual urban scenes. Originally, Agni yoga texts were written in Russian, and have been translated since then to English. Many people refer to Agni yoga as “The Teaching.” It is also considered a teaching of light, life, and ethics. The term Agni itself refers to a “mergence with Divine Fire.” What is meant by fire in this particular context is a state of being that demonstrates the highest consciousness.

A lot of understanding of Agni yoga can be gleaned from the letters of Helena Roerich, which are available to read for both followers and the curious alike. The Roerich family played a huge part in undertaking responsibility for several creative institutions that included schools of United Arts, Masters institutions, museums, as well as research institutes. Because of their contributions to spreading the practice of Agni yoga around the world, especially Europe and America, their names are now synonymous with Agni yoga.


Nicholas Roerich was fervent in his travels as well as a skilled painter. His wife, Helena, was at his side constantly. It is said, that she possessed the prophetic ability to talk to God. These divine conversations were recorded in a book called Living Ethics, which is comprised of a total of 14 volumes.

Interpretations of these text tend to vary. They are not clear-cut at all in their meaning. Some parts contain jokes, some parts appear to be meaningless rambling, and other parts are not edited at all. The text claimed that God wished for Helena’s prophetic skills to be nurtured on a daily basis, in the form of jotting down daily records. There are times in the holy book that Helena, was given what appeared to be meaningless messages of rambling, that some compare to stream of consciousness prose.

Many are put off by the various jokes that are contained throughout the text. However oftentimes these jokes are meant to comfort the weary and tired, in both travel and in life. There is much confusion between the terms “fire” and “fiery” that occur throughout the text. In this confusion, one must distinguish between the physical/ chemical energy processes that occur biologically throughout the human body, and spiritual phenomena. “Fire”, is often used in reference to that of the Divine. Whereas “fiery” is often used in reference to the activities of everyday people.

For example the paintings of Nicholas Roerich are said to contain fiery energy.Many people experienced their first Spiritual Awakening through Agni yoga. Yoga itself, and meditative practices, were discovered by scores because of the movement that was sparked by the Roerich’s. Especially in Russia, where spirituality at the time was generally frowned upon, Agni yoga seemed to be at the forefront of a spiritual resurgence. Many people supplemented their regular yoga practice, with readings from Living Ethics. Through careful study of the book, it is said that one could find answers to the complex philosophical questions that humans have been asking for generations-

What is the meaning of life, where did we originate, where are we going? The text itself, was an alternative approach to understanding the mind of God. It appealed to many who did not take to the Bible easily. It is taught that the highest human function lies in merging with the Creator.


It is recommended that if one were to practice Agni yoga, they do not do so sporadically, but over the course of the entire life. Agni yoga teaches infinity, or universal consciousness. This consciousness is parent over all that exists. It is the unification of all consciousness. This Consciousness, when collectively gathered, fuses itself into the consciousness of God.

As higher consciousness is attained, it is inhabited by the multi-dimensional structure of the universe. The more perfected an Agni yoga participant’s consciousness becomes, the higher the evolutionary layer of dimension it will dwell.

Immortal consciousness is said to be the highest order of consciousness in Agni yoga. High-level consciousness, achieved through Agni yoga, is said to pave an evolutionary path of ascent for the individual and the human race. Infinity, speaks to the highest order, or level, of human capability. With that said, Agni yoga teaches that human consciousness lies on the steps of divine consciousness itself. Essentially, Agni yoga teaches one to aspire to climb the ladder of divine consciousness. It is taught that the Creator does not lie in the heavens above, but in the consciousness of the multi-dimensional creation within.

The power of creation is taught to be contained within the Holy Spirit, which is a hierarchical manifestation of God. As the individual consciousness is formed, the meaning of human life is revealed. Advancement through the process of Agni yoga, can be attained as one’s consciousness is ultimately merges with the creators. One must be fiery, or passionate, in their route toward merging with the Creator. Feelings of loneliness are quickly shed, as one merges one’s consciousness with the creator’s. As divine fusion nears, one will seek less praise from others, and worldly recognition is no longer needed.

Just as important as consciousness itself, the spiritual heart must undergo development as well. Doing so, is said to open an emotional center that often goes untapped in the lives of ordinary people. This emotional region, acts as a spiritual path on your journey in the future. Correct meditation will be easier to practice, once one has access to this region. Agni yoga teaches that it is better to reach out to God in a group, than by yourself. However, the more people present, the more likely spiritual impurity exists. Therefore it is imperative that everybody is like minded, and is engaged purely on the same spiritual journey. In between meditation and yoga practices, many communities enjoy discussing the original texts and teachings. By doing so everyone can be helped to be on the same page. Also, the fiery energy of the structure itself is kept in balance.

Practice As A Group

The group is said to be a force of nature when creating an energy field. This energy, when combined, is powerful enough to merge with the divine consciousness much more easily. Full, rather than partial, mergence is more likely to be underway within the group structure.

New members, should be dedicated to their service to the divine consciousness, and should not do so out of selfishness or self-advancement.

It is important that group leaders are in touch with spiritual masters. Through the help of spiritual masters, merging with the highest hierarchy of consciousness is possible. Without the assistance of a master, the entire operation is futile. One must be aware of the presence of God, before a path to him can be detected. The gates of infinity are opened, through the guidance of an Agni yoga master. Evil forces will be met on the journey toward higher consciousness. As one advances, it is important that spiritual guidance be provided toward the weaker members of sessions.

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