What are Yoga Blocks Made Of


Contrary to popular beliefs, yoga blocks aren’t just for the infirm and weak; they aren’t even made for those with rigid bodies but rather are made for anyone wanting to take up yoga classes. A yoga block is a prop that makes one comfortable improving alignment during yoga practice.

Yoga block can be for both professional and beginner yoga trainers. For beginners, the block makes it easier for them to get started and for professionals, it helps in attaining better stretches and poses more safely.

What Is Your Yoga Blocks Made Of?

Yoga blocks are mostly made of either foam, wood or cork.

Foam Yoga Blocks

Foam blocks are very flexible. These blocks are exceptionally light which makes them give way to pressure easily without risking damage or deformation of any sort. They are readily available in the market in dazzling and attractive colors. If you are a beginner and in search of a yoga block that offers necessary support, blocks made of foam is the choice for you.

Cork Yoga Blocks

If you aren’t sure about the traction provided by foam block, then a cork block makes a suitable alternative. Cork blocks fall between wood and foam blocks both in flexibility and also price. Even though they might not be as light as foam blocks, cork blocks have a degree of flexibility that can be comfortable.

Cork blocks are typically available in more beautiful and sober colors which make them more pleasing compared to foam blocks. Regardless of them being pricy than foam blocks, cork blocks are very advantageous as they are eco-friendly and give a soothing touch in the workout space.

Wood Yoga Blocks

Wood blocks are the most traditional and expensive of all the yoga blocks. Care should be taken when purchasing this kind of yoga blocks as being the most expensive doesn’t guarantee that they are good for you. Their hard surfaces and lack of flexibility might make them uncomfortable for other people. Also wooden blocks particularly those made from bamboo are hefty which makes them bulky to carry around in case you want to move about after your class.

The choice of a yoga block is a personal decision. Some factors such as workout needs, flooring, age, and flexibility will impact one’s decision regarding which yoga block is suitable; Foam blocks are cheap and comfortable but not eco-friendly, cork blocks are the best however slightly expensive, and wooden blocks even though durable are uncomfortable and bulky. Therefore before making any purchases, consider these factors and you will enjoy your yoga class with no setbacks.

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