What is a Yoga Ball


A yoga ball can be known as an exercise ball, fitness ball, stability ball, or even a Swiss ball. The yoga ball is usually made of a plastic, vinyl, and elastic. They are filled with air to the proper tension to allow for proper placement on the ball. Usually these balls are burst-resistant so the ball does not pop when you put your weight on it. The yoga ball helps with balance and helps you to use more muscles in your workout. It’s important to use the right size ball to get the most out of your yoga routine.

Measure Your Height

When you sit on the ball your knees should be at a right angle. Your feet should be flat and facing forward. To measure yourself, stand against a wall with no shoes on. Your feet should be flat on the floor and wall. You can use a pencil to mark a spot at the top of your head, then use a tape measure to get an accurate reading.

Choose a Ball that Fits Your Height

When you choose a ball they should have specific measurements for what heights the ball is good for. Make sure to pick the ball that has your height on it. However, if your legs are long, or you have back problems you should go up a size on your yoga ball. Also, if you plan to use it as a chair for your desk you should get a 26 inch ball. This is the perfect size to fit for most standard desk sizes.

Note the Pressure of the Ball

When you are filling your ball, make sure you do not overfill your ball. All yoga balls will have a weight they should be filled to. If you exceed this weight, the ball may burst because of the extra pressure on the walls of the yoga ball.

Try Out Different Size Yoga Balls

Even though there is a size specified on most yoga balls, try out different sizes and see what fits best. Depending on the length of your legs or your body type one ball may fit better than another. Don’t take the size chart as an end all be all. Do what feels best for your body.

Yoga balls can bring your yoga game to a whole new level. Make sure to get the proper ball for your body so you can correct preform poses. Once you find your correct yoga ball, your yoga will only become better.

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