Mention vulnerability and the first word that comes to mind for most people is weakness.  This is how we are conditioned socially.  It’s time to pause and reconsider.  Changing our mindset will set in motion a whole new way of experience and bring tremendous opportunities for growth.

Before we jump into the possibilities, consider the antonym of vulnerability.  The opposite characteristics would be closed off, guarded, impenetrable, fortified, secured.  Are these really the traits we want?  There is a part of us that says, yes!  I want to be that way because it keeps me safe.  Now then, what part of us would respond this way?  Well, the ego of course.

In an essay about the topic, author Christian Sundberg reflects, “The ego is the portion of the mind that is devoted to defining reality in a way that will protect us.  The ego protects us through presenting to us beliefs, justifications, and stories.  We ‘buy into’ those beliefs, justifications, and stories.  Why? A primary reason is because we seek to avoid confronting fears that those beliefs, justifications, and stories cover up.”

Consider, who are the least vulnerable people that you are aware of?  They tend to be ones who are very strong with the ego, is that not the case?  So, if the path to spirituality, or just personal growth, is to transcend the ego, then what does it take to lower that guard and face your fears?  What does it take be become vulnerable?  Weakness?  Certainly not, it takes courage.  Immense courage.

To consciously choose to be vulnerable, fearlessly open to all experience in the moment, that is the epitome of empowerment.  Vulnerability is not powerlessness, it is an intrepid exploration of whatever may arise, with humility, bravery, and introspective curiosity.

Consider the spiritual significance of such a path.  To be fully open to all experience with equal vivacity, without fear… one who is capable of that is rooted in The Source, knowing deeply that the True Self is untouchable.  Ironic, isn’t it?  In practicing vulnerability, we realize our inner divinity that is unaffected by circumstance, forever seated in Eternal Loving Truth.

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