The Secret of a Blessing


For thousands of years, followers and seekers have sought the blessings of saints and masters.  The concept of a blessing is present in every faith – from Catholicism to the Muslim faith, from Hinduism to Buddhism.  Shamans bless, sheiks bless, priests and pastors bless, and gurus bless.  And this is the thing about the world’s religions, we’re so busy pointing out the differences and righteousness of one over the other that we totally miss the beautiful spirituality that is at the core of their mystical traditions.  And so, what this idea of a blessing that is so ubiquitous to all faiths?

For a blessing to be potent, a spiritual master bestows it upon a seeker.  They are not mere words that a leader might utter to a follower – that is a hopeful wish, not a true blessing.  A blessing is a transmission.

Words are reflections of thoughts and emotions.  A nice wish for someone is a reflection of our hopes for their wellbeing.  But a blessing, a true blessing can only come from one who is fluid enough within themselves that they can channel life in a certain way.  A blessing is a channeling of energy.

Just as it takes a certain degree of mastery to bestow a true blessing, it also takes a certain degree of receptivity to receive one properly.  In our rush to label everything, to judge everything, we assume that a blessing must be a good thing.  But good and bad is a mental exercise as we weigh the utility for ourselves – that is the ego working.  Life simply is.  There is just flow, and inherently there is nothing good or bad about it, it’s a dance of neutrality.  By that measure, we can understand that a blessing is an energetic transmission, a wave that we can ride.  It is a potential.

The seeker sees their life as a possibility and endeavors to always remain open to grace.  That is the real definition of a spiritual person, not their particular religion.  But of course, given their unique cultural foundation, they seek the blessings from masters of their own tradition.  But the real trick is to see the blessing in every moment of aliveness, and to always remain open hearted for grace to enter our lives.


The Power of Blessing | Sadhguru Exclusive – YouTube


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