The Cosmic Connection With Geometry And Wellbeing


Sometimes when we look at people, trees, buildings, we feel like looking at them longer.  Beauty is one aspect of it.  Another reason why we are drawn to things is due to its symmetry or geometric perfection.  Even though the object that we are drawn to is not beautiful, we still want to look at it. That is because symmetry is intrinsic to all of life.  Beauty is subjective, but the perception of symmetry is universal – that is for those who are sensitive enough to perceive it.

According to Wikipedia symmetry in everyday language refers to a sense of harmonious and beautiful proportion and balance. Symmetry is a natural occurence and most objects in nature are symmetrical. For example the branching out of the trees and it final shape, flower petals, patterns of a snowflake, blades of grass etc.  Symmetry is in everything from an atom to the cosmos and everything functions in perfect order due to this phenomenon.  The planets are held together and go around the sun due to symmetry and geometric perfection.  Even if there is a minuscule misalignment then the solar system as we know it will cease to exist.

We as humans are also tuned into this phenomenon.  Whether we are conscious of it not is entirely a different matter.  But we live that reality in our day to day life.  Even when we do small things we intrinsically make it confirm to a certain sense of symmetry or geometry.  Decorations for example are pleasing to the eye when we arrange things for symmetry rather than thrown together for their beauty.  This inbuilt symmetry reflects in our creation such as buildings, paintings etc.  Research shows that both men and women find symmetrical faces attractive.  Studies show that  if our system conforms to the natural symmetry or geometry then we are in a state of health and happiness.  Asymmetry is a strong indication of health disorders.

For anything to function at its best, it should be geometrically well-structured.  A machine functions optimally when everything is well-aligned without any kind of friction.  This is true with our body as well as with everything in the cosmos.  The whole system of yoga was developed to align the physical geometry with the cosmic geometry.  Among geometric forms an equilateral triangle is symmetrical.  The chakras in our system are also shaped in the form of triangle.  Chakra actually means “wheel” in Sanskrit, which are the energy junction points, but are shaped in the form of a triangle.  They are called chakras because it suggests movement.  There are yogic sadhanas with which the movement of the chakra can be influenced to occur in a particular way.  The mobility of these chakras is what makes us flexible and effective while dealing with situations.  Keeping the whole system mobile is essential to give that flexibility of experience where we are comfortable handling any type of situation.

In the human energy system there are two equilateral triangles one that points upward and another points downwards.  These two triangles meet just above the Anahata or the heart chakra.  The ideal alignment of these chakra would be one of perfect symmetry, where both these triangles intersect to form a perfect six pointed start, with six equilateral triangles on the outside.  When this happen it means that the system is in balance and receptive.

Whenever we experience any kind of stress or anxiety in the system it suggests that something has gone off it symmetry causing friction in the system. So it is important that everything in the system is well aligned.  Whenever there is geometric perfection there is no friction in the system.  Hatha yoga is a way of aligning the inner system and adjusting to the celestial geometry, thereby becoming in sync with the existence and naturally achieving a chemistry of health, joy and above all, balance.

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