Enjoy the Magic of Expressing Gratitude


Every cloud has a silver lining! If we are able to pinpoint an inconspicuous blessing and feel thankful while facing challenging situations in our lives; we have won half the battle. Focusing on being grateful, induces positive emotions within us. A complete shift happens in our sub conscious with a simple word called “Thank you”. Our complaints get replaced by joyful thoughts and we become emotionally strong to face adversities in life. As we express goodness in others we connect to a Universal chain of positive vibrations. The entire energy field around us transforms into a positive energy, making us build strong relationships with everyone.

The moment we practice gratitude, our perspective changes. We feel more optimistic as there is less time to complain. We jump into the driver seat, and convert every difficult situation into a new opportunity to enhance ourselves. Our endeavor is to feel grateful for every moment in our life; cultivate this quality for tangible and intangible gains.

There are various ways to practice Gratitude. Appreciate people efforts and send them thank you notes or messages. This strengthens relationships as well as communication skills. Develop awareness about the things that we take for granted. Simple things like walking, breathing, eating are functions performed by our body instinctively. We need express a silent thankful prayer for these involuntary functions. Every day we need to “Count Our Blessings”. This is a very profound process, as we identify subtle incidents during the day, as our blessings. This daily habit makes us conscious of all the privileges we enjoy, we are thankful to sleep on a full stomach and have a roof over our heads. We realize that homeless people struggle for these small luxuries and crave for these blessings.

Just before going to sleep we can express our thanks to the Universe blessing us with abundance.  Thus, when we wake up in the morning, we carry this feeling of abundance – of health, wealth, children, parents, jobs, good homes, extended family, support systems etc – throughout the day.

In our practice of meditation or prayers, we can concentrate on mental appreciation of everything around us. We appreciate nature as our mother, the sun nurturing us, water sustaining our lives and fresh air invigorating us.

This is a well-established fact that the more we practice being grateful, the positive field energy magnifies. This elevates us to us to Higher self, where we become more compassionate and less critical. We tone down our selfish nature and stop feeding our ego, as expressing appreciation makes us humble and respectful.

As we direct our awareness to feeling “Grateful”, all our energy flows in that direction.  SAY THANKYOU and Enjoy the Magic of Gratitude!

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