Third Eye Chakra Meditation – Opening Up To Limitless Possibilities


The mystical third eye, the eye of Shiva, the Guru chakra or the Ajna or Agna Chakra is perhaps the most famous of the chakras.  Everyone has heard of its powers in turning one’s focus inwards, in nudging one towards the eternal truth, in plumbing and understanding the larger mysteries of our external universe.

This most esteemed of Chakras is the 6th Primary Chakra in our body according to the Yogic tradition. It has captured a lot of attention as it can be trained, honed and pushed to ever higher levels of accomplishment through meditation, yoga and other spiritual practices, much like a muscle.

Represented by a third eye rising vertically across the forehead, this Chakra is considered the eye of intuition and intellect. The opening of this chakra is associated with gaining cosmic power, and the seed syllable or Beeja Mantra leading to this is the single most syllable in all of Hinduism, Om. You can read more about the fascinating qualities of this Chakra here.

Today, we will consider some of the meditation paths to stimulate and open this powerful Chakra.

Mouna Meditation. That’s right. The simplest way to activate this most eloquent of chakras is simply to cultivate silence. You can sit in meditation, get 100% immersed in your favorite hobby or passion, or simply observe nature for a while. The path you take is entirely up to the you and the comfort levels that you have. The end goal is to tap into an inner psychic dimension, largely invisible, that goes beyond the mind to quieter, calmer place.  Accessing this subtle space, often understood to lie between the eyebrows, “the space between”, opens a gateway to move past the noise of the everyday mind to the more intuitive wisdom that lies beyond.

Free-flow meditation. Agreed, the mind can be a tough beast to tame. If moving past the noise of the mind seems impossible to you, opt for guided meditation, or free flow meditation, where you simply give your 100% to following the instructions.

Intuition Initiation. The yogic path that begins at the Ajna Chakra and moves upwards into the Sahasrara, that most noble of all Chakras, has no map. No rules, no practices and no sadhana, no guidelines that can be taught. That path must be traversed by the seeker on his/her own steam. A powerful tool on that path is Intuition. It is truly a challenge to use intuition in our logic driven world, but by trying to remember our dreams and interpret them, by delving into Intuitive practices like, tarot cards, or horoscopes, it is possible to slowly shake awake our innate abilities to intuit.

Visualization. This helps train your mind to follow certain ways of thinking that eventually flow into higher order intelligence, and harness it into obeying orders from your more sublime senses. It is said that over 75% of our thoughts are repeated every day. Through Visualization, your mind can learn to break free from these everyday patterns. You can start with guided visualizations and gradually move into formulating your own.

Mooladhara strengthening. As much of the awakening of the Ajna Chakra deals with esoteric and sublime matters, the first recommendation is to strengthen the base chakra, the Mooladhara, and the throat chakra, Vishuddhi. Being very grounded and solid in these two chakras ensures that we can avoid, or better handle, some of the negative aspects of opening the Ajna chakra, such a headaches, or disorientation.

Moonlight meditation. The light of the moon is believed to be most similar to the light of our intuitive center, and meditating under the moonlight is said to awaken the energies of this space.

The journey to awaken your Ajna Chakras is one that will yield treasures beyond imagination. Exhilarating and ecstatic, it is a voyage of self-discovery like no other. Start slow, settle in and let the wonder and joy of the universe and all that it holds, wash over you!

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