Two ways to reap the benefits of consecrated spaces


On this blog, we have looked at different ways of enhancing our inner strength, we have discussed spirituality, yogic practices and mystic matters from all angles possible: our focus, first and foremost, has always been about enriching ourselves from within, by tapping on the energies that lie within us. However, what if we could structure our outside world and imbue it with the energies of the divine? How would it be if we could make the space around us sacred; not just conducive to, but also intensifying our own spiritual quest?

Consecrated spaces are just that. Through carefully devised and executed processes, spaces can be charged with life energies so that they become spaces that nourish us, helping us thrive and fulfill our potential.

From time immemorial, various Eastern traditions have developed ways and methods to consecrate energies, in places of worship like temples and monasteries, as well as homes, workplaces and more. The intent in creating such spaces was so that people could feel recharged by simply sitting in them, and letting the energies of the space reverberate within them. The science of consecration had also fine-tuned the kind of energies that a space could hold, such that specific places could destroy negativity, others could generate prosperity, and still others could remove anger, sorrow or fear. So exact was this process and so popular, that rarely a home existed that had not been consecrated. Most times, the sacred energies of a space were revived regularly, sometimes annually, so that the inhabitants could continue receiving the benefits of living or working there.

Here are two simple ways in which we can energize the spaces we live in.

Create a shrine: Even in the smallest living space, there is always room for a small shrine. Although small in footprint, a shrine can be big on divine energy, and it requires few things to be created. Set aside a small dedicated place for your shrine. Situate it as far as you can from any eating, sleeping or bathroom activity. Place a shelf, or a small mat as the base for your shrine. Keep any representation of divinity in the center of the base. It can be a small idol, a picture of your God or Guru, something of special significance to you, or it can be as simple as a lamp or candle. Say a prayer over the space to make it sacred. Pray, meditate or sit in front of your shrine everyday, as regular use strengthens its powers.

Use Feng Shui: This ancient Eastern practice aims at orienting your home in a way that receives the most auspicious energy. It views every room of your house as part of an integrated, living whole, and removes obstacles to the free flow of chi or sacred energy through your living space. It works by using crystals, table-top fountains and mirrors to enhance energy flows through your home. Placing auspicious objects such as Buddhas and lucky bamboos in strategic locations further helps increase the good energies of your home.

Start today and live every day with the boundless energies of a consecrated space!

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