The Quest to Know Me


Spirituality is a quest for awareness, a hunger to know more about self, an uncharted path, an unknown journey and a search for meaning in life. If you identify yourself with any of these and think you are seeking then open your mind and heart to the calling.

How does this quest begin?

It could start with just that unsettling feeling or meeting someone who influenced you or a life situation. You could have several questions come to surface – who you are? what is your purpose?. You want to break free from the current norm. You want to establish a new norm. You want to TRANSFORM yourself.

Where do I go next?

The restless feeling to find the path towards transformation has begun but where do you go from here and what is the next step.You are looking for direction. Remember you are walking towards finding “your true Self”.  So be patient. You have taken the first step already by opening yourself to receiving the gift of mindfulness.

How do I know what works for me?

Spirituality is very broad and deep.There are many tools that can connect us to feeling spiritual – nature, music, meditation, books, guru or a teacher, media, articles, and yoga. Your connection to spirituality could be different from someone else’s. So identify with what resonates with you. And do not put a timeline – You may not find the connection with your source  for a long time. Do not lose patience as it will come someday. 

How am I supposed to feel once I start?

Once you identify what you connect with you might feel a lot of changes mentally and many a times you may  feel lost. These feelings of confusion and being lost may try to deter you from your path and give up. Just keep pushing towards this search of wholeness and purpose. Remember these feelings of confusion are normal as your inner self is going through an identification process. You are going deeper inside you. You are peeling the different layers of the onion of self understanding within you.

For how long do I continue?

You will start seeing the transformation very slowly. You may not realize the changes you are experiencing are a result of this path. Remember to keep going and make this your new norm. Change is not immediate and noticeable. The outcome will be promising as you will start seeing clarity and keep evolving. So you continue as long as you are breathing. This becomes a part of your life. Your own discovery of inner well-being. It will become addictive and you will discover a deep sense of happiness. At the end you will become enlightened and not seek external validation and trust your inner self. Your journey toward self discovery has begun.

 Spirituality has become kind of a buzzword in today’s culture, especially for the millennials. Remember, it is serious stuff and not half-hearted business. This is not something you can master in a short period of time. It requires discipline, commitment and belief. 

Enjoy the beautiful ride of self realization!

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