Stuck in a Mindset


Are you caught in a whirlpool of thoughts that unconsciously dictate your choices? In a set way of thinking which is very rigid, not allowing you to be exposed to new possibilities? Our own ego and ignorance are responsible for creating these self-created traps. We get so caught up in emotions, viewpoints, thoughts, narratives and intellectual perspectives, that we end up living in our bubble. This limits our perspective and diminishes our thought horizon. One can become oblivious to even things “right under our nose”. Recycling the same thoughts makes us more attached to a particular mindset, thus slowing us down.

In a way you are really stuck! Compare yourself to a set of tires stuck in swampy marshy earth. The tires keep rotating, but never really get out of the rut; literally speaking, you are entangled in the same thinking pattern. A simple solution to liberate yourself is to “Broaden your Horizon”. In other words expand your narrow outlook to widen your range of thinking. When we create more alternatives and choices, we uncover numerous untapped opportunities for ourselves.

A stuck mindset can be observed in both simple daily chores as well as important life decisions, where the same underlying principle is used for all the actions. Expanding one’s outlook does not imply being wishy-washy or wavering while taking action or making decisions. It only means to look at everything with a broad vision and perspective, relevant to the present circumstances.

The stuck mentality can be seen in different walks of life. Social norms and customs ensnare society within a closed mindset. Student psyche may be set on going to a particular college, or pursuing a specific major, without exploring other options. They may lose out on a college which is really the best fit for them because it isn’t seen to be glamorous enough. Parents stuck in their mindset guide their children to pursue a certain career or behavior pattern. Teenagers operate in a particular fashion, since it looks “cool” to do so. The “right way” to do certain things can become a rigid habit. Unfortunately these attitudes become an inherent part of our personalities which are very hard to shake off!

“To think out of the box” is an apt phrase that encourages us to empower ourselves with a new mindset. Changing career paths, re-inventing fresh relationships and modifying our personalities all require us to surrender ourselves to infinite possibilities unexplored by us, by adopting innovative paths.

Our sincere effort is to maintain flexibility in every moment by keeping our minds open, as it is only we that are creating these boundaries and limitations. Once we break the barriers, we have the whole Universe as our domain. The freedom to think without bias, prejudice, or preconceived notions allows us to look at all the pros and cons in every scenario. This practice enhances our perception, which is vital for personal growth. We develop the ability to look at everything objectively and with clarity.

An open mindset can be a catalyst for any change we want to bring into our lives. We are not deterred by our failures, setbacks, successes, judgments and peer pressure. We are truly driven by the freedom of an uncharted open horizon, connected to our deep-seated intelligence.

Watch this video to be inspired to break out of the fixed mindset.  Congratulations– you no longer are a prisoner stuck in a stringent, inflexible, bullheaded mindset. You have successfully broken the barricade and now have an enhanced perception!

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