Mind too active to Meditate? Try Binaural Beats!


Binaural beats aims to mimic the natural phenomenon of Brainwave Entrainment.  Brainwave Entrainment is a phenomenon where synchronization of sounds in nature happens automatically.  The electrical signals in the brain are called brain waves.  When we hear a sound of a certain frequency, our brain waves automatically synchronize to that frequency.  For example – the feeling of meditativeness with the ocean waves while at the beach.

Our brain has five brain wave patterns (Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Theta and Delta).  Gamma frequency is the state that is induced during deep meditation.  This is the brain wave state that generates happiness, peacefulness, alertness, focus, concentration and other desired qualities. To know more about these brainwaves click here.

Binaural beats is a way of creating sounds to create any of these brain waves.  However it is mainly designed to create meditativeness. Without having all the turmoil of sitting and waiting for the mind to quieten through sitting meditation and mindfulness techniques, binaural beat sounds at the correct frequency induce the meditative state quickly.

The ideal pathway to meditation is without external stimulus.  However, binaural beats can be used as an alternative until one is able to work themselves up to proper meditation (even if for a short while) and gradually wean themselves off the sounds.

So if you are unable to do sitting meditation, then try this binaural beat meditation.

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