Simple Stress Management Techniques


It’s really easy to feel totally overwhelmed these days. The daily news is filled with one horror story after another, our social media feeds are filled with just as much misinformation and stress, and when you throw the worries of daily life and our careers into the mix things can really start to spiral out of control.

Combine all of that with the overwhelming speed at which our modern world transforms before our very eyes – something happening much faster now than at any other point in human history – and it’s really easy to see why so many people seem to be on the verge of a meltdown and why so many need simple stress management techniques ASAP.

And though you may feel as though nothing you do is going to be enough to get rid of all the stress and pressure that you’re dealing with, with some simple stress management techniques that you can begin implementing immediately you should be able to transform your life and relax fully for the first time in quite a while.

All of the simple stress management techniques we share with you below are effortless to begin implementing but will require you to be quite diligent with them to reach their maximum effectiveness. These aren’t the kind of “hit and run” behaviors you can fool around with, but instead the kind of behaviors that you really need to get serious about implementing into your daily life to have the kind of beneficial impact your hoping for.

Let’s dive right in!

Meditation Is Powerfully Effective

Even just meditating five minutes in the morning and five minutes at night – right after you wake up and right before you go to bed – can completely and totally transform the way you feel and the way that you act on a regular basis.

Meditation today is all about mindfulness, and modern science shows that daily meditation practiced over at least 30 days continuously has a potential to actually alter neural pathways in the brain and armor you against stress going forward.

This is game changing stuff, and it’s one of the reasons why so many people in high stress and high performance situations, meditation as they are “secret weapon” behind their amazing performances. You’ll definitely want to start to implement more meditation into your daily routine to see some instant benefits that can become permanent pretty quickly.

Learn How To Master Your Breath

We all breeze on autopilot, but modern science has started to show some pretty interesting links between controlling our breath consciously and changing the way that our body responds to stress and the way that our brain handles extra pressure.

Mindful and intentional breathing – especially deep breathing (breathing in through your mouth for four seconds, holding it for four seconds, and then breathing out through your nose for four seconds before rinsing and repeating over and over again) – has been scientifically linked to slowing down your heart rate, decreasing your blood pressure, and opening up more mental bandwidth then you would have had access to otherwise.

Again, this is game changing stuff but really simple and straightforward to implement on a daily basis from here on out.

Start Practicing Paying Attention To The Present

Mindful awareness of where we are right now – this very minute – and not worrying about the past or the future is one of the most important things you can do to get more control over your life and eliminate stress and pressure that just builds and builds until you are ready to pop.

Instead of allowing things that have already happened or things that may never happen to control and govern your life instead choose to behave as though the present is all that exists – mostly because it is!

Notice where you are right now, what you’re doing at this very moment, and everything that is happening around you. You’ll start to see, hear, smell, and think things that you might not have ever in the past and that’s going to open up a lot of extra creativity and release a lot of stress all at the same time.

Cleanup Your Diet And Exercise More Frequently

Nothing has the potential to transform your ability to resist stress and pressure more than cleaning up the food and fuel that you put into your body and moving more often rather than leading a modern sedentary lifestyle.

Believe it or not, our ancient ancestors were armored much more successfully against stress and pressure simply because they ate real food as opposed to processed junk and because they were constantly on the move. Even though they are entire world was literally a life and death situation (something that our modern world is not) they were much better suited to confront those stressful situations and conquer them because their body was a weapon and not a shell.

Build your body through diet and exercise and you’ll find that those things that stressed you out in the past don’t any longer.

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