What Is Spirituality?


We quickly distance ourselves from the “Religious” tag, to something more fashionable and cool. We like to be attached to the label Spiritual. Spirituality has become a popular buzz word, for all generations. Let’s explore the original root meaning for both terms.

Spirit is defined as the pulsating life in “man and animals”. It traces back to the Old French espirit, with the root Latin word spiritus (soul, courage, vigor, breath). This is also related to Spirare, which means to breathe.

Religion comes from Latin “religio”, respect for what is sacred, having reverence for the Gods, a moral obligation, a Faith.

Spirituality is taking a step towards our inner core, to experience a dimension within ourselves without involving our sense perceptions. This requires one to turn inwards, look within to increase our “awareness”, uncovering the essence of our true nature!

In High School we all have learnt The Maslow Hierarchy of needs : After the basic food, safety, social and career needs are achieved, Man wants to satisfy the Self Actualization need, to reach his maximum potential. The internal quest starts for a person, once these material achievements no longer satisfy him. Also, sometimes adverse circumstances, direct a person to look for the real meaning of life and their existence. This can be only understood by becoming aware of our own “Self”, as one realizes that all happiness is temporary, and then we feel restless again. Our mind gives birth to numerous desires, putting us on this never ending pursuit for happiness!

Today the young generations use the modern sophisticated technology and lead comfortable lifestyles, but still they are addicted to chemicals, suffer from depression and adopt compulsive habits. Our fore fathers risked their lives to hunt for food in the jungle, compared to the grocery stores and restaurants choices this generation has access to. Clearly, material success is not giving us everlasting joy and happiness!

Soon the impermanence of everything in life, dawns on us and we face the eternal question:- Who Am I? Once this question starts nagging you, you have become a seeker of the truth. Humans are blessed with an intelligence within themselves which lets us experience a dimension, once we have satisfied our  basic survival needs. Uncovering this Universal truth is the essence of Spirituality!

As we embark on this journey, the Spiritual Process has been kindled within us. Before this we were entangled and distracted with our outward sense perceptions, thoughts and emotions. Spiritual Process teaches us to quieten our mind, guides us to touch the intelligence which we were ignorant about. All the answers lie within us!

Navigating ourselves back to our True Spirit, empowers our mind and gives us inner peace. Spirituality is not a set of belief system with any moral codes. On the contrary, each one of us has an individual journey of increasing awareness or perception. This gives us clarity without being judgemental.

Spirituality teaches us the tools of touching our consciousness: The Ultimate Intelligence.



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