Sahaja Yoga Techniques


Sahaja yoga has been around since the 1970s, ever since Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi created the yoga technique. The goal was to help people get closer to self-realization through meditation, which can help people achieve better health conditions and a more balanced emotional life. The results show that this specific yoga technique has brought tremendous joy and balance into the life of hundreds of thousands around the globe.

How to Begin

Self-realization is the cornerstone of Sahaja yoga, where experiencing the “Kundalini awakening” is the most important step. This awakening is the result of going through a meditative yoga process, that can help you get closer to self-realization and the awakening experience. In case your Kundalini awakening was successful, you feel a slight breeze crossing your hand and head, as divine power passes through your body and for the first time your subtle system is awakened. To experience the Kundalini awakening, first, you must understand the complex system of Sahaja yoga. This system is based on nadis, or channels that carry energy through our body, and chakras, or energy centers located in our body.

The Complex Inner System

The three primary channels of energy are aligned vertically in our body. There are seven major chakras located in us. You can only activate this complex system by the help of the Kundalini, a primal energy lying at the base of your spine. However, before working on your awakening process, it is highly advisable to be aware of the underlying complex system.


The seven major chakras are as follows have different spiritual abilities. Once the Kundalini rises all chakras are activated, our body becomes more balanced and energetic. Knowing the spiritual abilities of the chakras is also essential before having your Kundalini awakened.This way, you will be able to focus your techniques later on separate chakras, to have various effects on your body and spirit.

Spiritual Ability of Chakras

Chakras are located in our body, locations where energy spins at a frequency similar to the spinning of planets. These chakras are located along our spinal cord, where all seven of them is responsible for different results. Self-realization can help you enlighten your central nervous system and feel all seven chakras:

1. Innocence, intuition, inner wisdom.
2. Creativity.
3. Satisfy the realization of your accomplishments.
4. Compassion for family and friends.
5. More balance in stressful situations.
6. Freedom, power, forgiveness.
7. Understanding life.

Channels, or Nadis

There are three nadis that carry energy through our bodies:

Cental: carries energy along the spine.
Left: carries energy along the left side of our body, it is associated with desire.
Right: carries energy along the right side of our body, it is associated with energy.

As our central channel is responsible for our nervous system’s activities, before the Kundalini awakening would take place and pass through our central channel, we cannot comprehend the complexity of the underlying system. The left channel can experience blockages, as it is responsible for our state of joy. With practice, we can learn to remove these blockages and open the path to overwhelming joy in our life. The right channel is responsible for the ego, by cleansing it we can get rid of our ego’s blinding effects, which can result in dominant behavior or in actions through which we try to control other’s lives.

Prepare for Self-Realization

Once you are aware of the most important points of the underlying system, you can start preparing, to experience the Kundalini awakening. Pick a place where you will be not distracted and sit down. Rest your left hand (palm facing up) on your left lap during the experience, while with your right palm, you will have to touch points located on your body’s left side. Keep your eyes closed and focus on your inner self. Take your shoes off to enable Mother Earth to drain your negative energies, as this usually happens through the feet.

Self-Realization Technique

Sahaja yoga makes it easier to awaken Kundalini inside everybody. Once you feel the slight breeze crossing your hand and head you will be experiencing the divine energy and your Kundalini will be awakened. You will also experience vibrations in your hand as a sign of divine energy passing through your body. Address the Mother, to awaken the Kundalini, starting your sentences with “Mother”:

  • Mother, ” am I the spirit?” right hand on heart, ask the Kundalini inside you. (3 times)
  • “Am I my own master?” right hand under your ribs on the left side, ask the Kundalini inside you. (3 times)
  • “Please give me the pure knowledge.” right hand below the belt gently pressing, ask the Kundalini inside you. (6 times)
  • “I am my own master.” right hand under your ribs on the left side, tell the Kundalini inside you. (10 times)
  • “I am the pure spirit.” right hand over your heart, repeat this to the Kundalini inside you. (12 times)
  • “I am not guilty at all.” right hand between your neck and left shoulder, turn your head right, repeat it to the Kundalini inside you. (16 times)
  • “I forgive everyone including myself.” right hand on your forehead while bending your head down. Repeat it to the Kundalini inside you. (3 times)
  • “If I have committed any mistakes, please forgive me.” right hand on the back of your head to push it back. Tell the Kundalini inside you. (1 time)
  • “Please give me my Self-Realization.” While opening your hand press on the top of your head and move your head slowly clockwise with your hand. Repeat the sentence while moving your head to awaken the Kundalini. (7 times)

Through practicing Sahaja yoga, you can achieve a higher level of awareness and balance regarding your everyday life, while developing into a more spiritual person. You will also be able to be in control of your energy sources and paths, as you will be able to consciously control and focus on your chakras and nadis, which can help you in problem-solving.

Additional Cleansing Technique

To remove blockages from your inner system, natural elements like candle light, flame, earth, camphor or salt water can be applied as instruments to enhance your cleansing techniques. In the followings we will share with you simple techniques relying on natural elements that can help you clean your nadis:

Earth: While sitting on the ground place your right palm on the ground and hold the left out and say “Mother Earth please cleanse me” (repeat it at least 3 times).

Water: Stand in water (river, lake, ocean) while meditating and request the sea to cleanse you.

Fire: Using a candle start meditating and raise your left hand. Hold the candle in your right hand, and move it in circles along your left-side chakras while rotating it clockwise.

Air: Focus on your breathing while slowly inhaling. Hold your breath and focus on your heartbeat. Exhale slowly and continue breathing normally.

With these techniques, you can cleanse your blocked channels and increase your energy level. Through devoted practice, you will be able to master Sahaja yoga and enjoy its benefits physically, mentally, and spiritually.

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