5 Yoga Techniques for Weight Loss


Yoga is a wonderful exercise to get into. Not only is it calming and soothing, but it also contributes to health improvement and weight loss. There are many variations of yoga to try which include regular yoga, acro yoga, hot yoga, etc. Within those styles of yoga, there are even more variations to the practice. Overall, you can be sure that yoga is an effective practice and suitable for just about anyone. If you’re looking to lose weight, below are five yoga techniques for you.

1. Strength Training

One way that yoga can help promote weight loss is to simply increase strength of the body. Often times, when one wants to lose weight, he/she just does not know where to begin. Beginning yoga is a great place to start understanding the movement of the muscles and how it feels to activate them. Static poses and strength training are a great start to reaching any fitness goals.

2. Go Your Own Pace

When starting out in the workout world, it can be intimidating and discouraging. Yoga is a safe place to go your own pace and not feel left behind or inadequate. Instructors are often motivating and encouraging regarding making a change and living a healthier lifestyle.

3. Mindfulness and Self Reflection

Yoga is known for inspiring mindfulness and self-reflection. The soothing environment creates a space for time to think about yourself and your intentions. Often the fast-paced cardio workouts lack this time of inward experience that can be the moments of self-love, empowerment, and goal setting to keep bringing you back to the gym.

4. Power Yoga

A new Americanized version of yoga that many are calling “power yoga” offers a cardio speed to it that is more upbeat than the traditional yoga. Once you feel comfortable in a slower yoga setting, it might a class you want to experience for the added weight loss benefits. Yoga is a great practice for advancement. It is truly a practice that embodies all levels of abilities.

5. Sweating (Hot Yoga)

For more advanced weight loss, attend a hot yoga class and get your sweat on! You are sure to drop some pounds in hot yoga. Make sure to bring plenty of water, bring a towel, and prepare your mind for a powerful workout.

Yoga offers great techniques for weight loss training. Losing pounds isn’t always strict to upbeat cardio. Try yoga today!

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