Relax, Rejuvenate, Repeat


It’s a common enough story. We approach the end of the week waiting for a restful and comforting weekend. And then, the whirl of weekend chores keeps us on our toes, social commitments have us driving further than we do on a usual workday, and all our efforts to catch up with our backlog gets us tired; till we start the week, still exhausted and once again, waiting for Friday evening with the feeblest hope of redemption.

Rejuvenating ourselves on an everyday basis is a simple way to break this vicious cycle of fatigue and banality. Rejuvenation techniques are gaining popularity as they travel the world on the wings of social media, spreading much-needed relaxation and self-revival methods. There are compelling reasons why more and more people are turning to affirmations and visualizations as a way of coping with everyday stresses.

They are Flexible: Unlike an exercise regimen that requires us to be flexible, visualization sessions can be worked at anywhere, at work or at home, just before we sleep, or just as we open our eyes to greet a new day.

They are Time-bound: Many in-depth meditations require a minimum of 20-30 minutes, up to anywhere close to an hour or more. Many of these quick-fix self-rejuvenating packages are 10-15 minutes long, making it easy for us to quickly finish our lunch and give our minds a little extra boost before heading back to face the rest of the day.

They are Powerful: The mind is a fickle creature, easily turned by the world around us. A co-worker’s mood upsets us, a teacher’s rebuke makes us feel self-defeatist. As social animals, our minds mirror the world around us, and sometimes, we lose the ability to harness the real power of the mind – to create its own fount of well-being and happiness. We forget, that ultimately the power to resurrect ourselves from our torpor, lies within ourselves.

Here is a short video that helps you visualize – first how to relax and then recharge your batteries to get back in the game with more energy, more self-confidence and most important of all, with the inner bliss that will fuel your every endeavor, every single day!



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