Rejuvenate Your Mind + Body


Every cell in our bodies is renewed based on life’s natural cycle, and so it only makes sense that we take a conscious approach to rejuvenating ourselves routinely.  Instead of taking the functions of our body and mind for granted, let’s recognize the wonder of it all and actively engage in our well-being before things go awry.

Here are some ideas on how to bring a rejuvenation program into your daily life…

Foods that restore & reinvigorate:

  • Ginseng – Long recognized as a wonder root, ginseng helps the body with physical and mental stress and has been used to treat all kinds of ailments including colds, exposure to chemicals and pollution, and lethargy. It boosts the immune system and enhances memory & energy levels.
  • Kelp – Seaweed is rich in iodine which stimulates thyroid function. Kelp is just one of various types of edible seaweed, all of which boast high iodine.
  • Eat raw – The best meals are made of raw fruits, vegetables, and nuts. It’s been said that “processed foods are a convenient way to shorten your life.”
  • Eat mindfully and with gratitude.

Regular exercise regimen:

  • Yoga – There’s no debate about this one! Yoga is as rich in benefits as it is in practices.  There are specific yoga poses that address rejuvenation.
  • Posture – Try to keep your spine erect for as much of the day as possible. Let go of the tension in your muscles, especially your shoulders and back.
  • Breathing – An esoteric fact about our simple breathing is that it is actually linked to Prana, the life force, and to the state of our minds. Have you noticed that your breathing is different when you are at peace, or angry, in fear, or stress?  So it makes perfect sense that a powerful way to rejuvenate the mind and body is through specific breathing exercises that are taught in integrated yoga sessions – like alternate nostril breathing.  You take over 25,000 breaths a day; how many of them are you conscious of?

Nature’s Remedy:

  • The natural world is in a continuous cycle of self-rejuvenation, and that makes it a perfect environment to nurture your own. Spend time outdoors – not on the street but in a park, around trees and flowers – the wilder the better.

Alone Time:

  • Take time away from the social calendar – and electronic gadgets & phones – to just be still, with yourself. Learn to calm your mind from its constant chatter.    Find silence.
  • Read – A recent University of Sussex study found that stress levels decreased after 10 minutes of reading. Obviously the topic itself makes a difference too – a joyful and uplifting prose is what’s needed, not today’s news.
  • Take a cleansing bath – All it takes is a pound of baking soda, a cup of sea salt, and a bath tub of water. Soak in it for 20 minutes.
  • Find your mantra – A good one is “I trust” or try this Buddhist prayer, “May I be free of worry, May I be well, May I feel safe and at ease, May I be at peace.”

Effective sleep:

  • Prep for a good night’s sleep – You’ve heard the old adage “never go to bed angry” but far beyond that, a good night’s rest starts with a few moments of unwinding from the day. Try meditation or prayer or just deep breathing before laying down to sleep.
  • Attaining the right level of sleep is important because of the beneficial hormones (HGH, Melatonin) that are released, as well as the clearing of clutter in the brain’s network of neurons. That is why a level of mental clarity often follows sleep.

Hack your lifestyle:

  • A life that is simple, uncluttered, stress and drama free is naturally much easier to rejuvenate that one that is not.
  • Focus on perfecting your own life path rather than controlling others’.
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