Power of Healing : Connect to the Life force within


“You can cure without healing, and you can heal without curing”. Curing and healing are different from one another.

Curing is a way of eliminating disease at a superficial level. Healing is a wholesome approach to health which treats on a much deeper level. For example – When a blood pressure (BP) patient takes BP medicine, the BP is kept under control. Thus it may be that the patient is cured. If the patient stops the medication, the BP is out of control again! In contrast to this, the “Healing” is a process where the patient is required to identify the underlying cause of stress, and learn to use holistic tools to control the anxiety caused by the stress. Hence, they learn to manage stress by themselves, which eventually lowers their BP.

The power of the body to heal itself is immense. This is based on the fact that an intrinsic Intelligence governs entire system. This life-giving force is the caretaker as well as the healer of out body and mind. Humans have lost connection with this Intelligence and thus are in a state of Suffering. The wholesome technique of healing treats the turbulent mind along with the ailing body. As we learn to tranquil the mind, the body also feels calm. Our mismanagement of emotions, triggers a stressful response in the body resulting in an imbalance of mental as well as physical well-being!

There is a very simple example to explain this deep-seated phenomenon of life.  We can endeavor to transform our own emotions, on a daily basis. We create our own reality by expressing gratitude and happiness, even before the healing begins! These exhilarated emotions are felt by the physical body too, communicated by the joyful mind. Thus, the body signals to the various systems, which in turn gestures to the genes to produce the more protein to repair the body. Thus, the harmful genes start to fade away, as they get dominated by the healthy genes. This is a classic case of reprogramming the brain and the body, where our new personality connects with the new reality field.

Sahil has a torn Tendon in his wrist, which inhibits him from playing at a competitive level. Despite the advanced treatments in the field of medicine, the doctors are not able to guarantee successful surgery with 100% recovery to be able to compete at a competitive level again. Sometimes in life we hit a dead wall, but truly if we change our perspective in a stressful situation, then it can become new opportunity with infinite possibilities. Sahil can go in for a surgery to “cure” his torn tendon. But, Sahil has the power to heal himself; which requires him to develop a connection with his innate intelligence- the source of creation. This will mean a journey of transformation of his own personality; learning techniques of meditation, choosing empowering thoughts, being “present” with no past regrets or future anxieties along with a holistic balanced diet.

This visualization concept requires us to be “aware” or “present”, without any disruptive, apprehensive thoughts.

“ We hold the keys to our own Healing. Nothing really goes away until it teaches us what we need to know”


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