Love is in the air


February breezes in with the sweet aroma of chocolates, flower bouquets, or even a single rose, with the power to evoke a compelling potent emotion of “Love. ”  Aah…Love is in the air.

Contagious viruses continue to wreak havoc in our lives with illnesses.  In spite of this, we feel the fervor and excitement of affection, fondness, and passion for our near and dear. Disagreements take a backseat as romance dominates the stage in February.  This adulation is not limited to couples or partners. It extends to friends, colleagues, children, etc.

The feeling of “amour” is so contagious in this month that it almost seems as though “love” is being spread by viruses, bacteria, and germs! You send a valentine gift or a card to a friend, who catches this infection of love and reciprocates with a similar affectionate response. Then it becomes like a chain reaction as people respond to this sentiment and help in spreading it.

Who is creating this sweetness of emotion and who is responsible for the transmission of this feeling? External stimuli like chocolates, flowers, gifts, cards are not unique only to the month of February.  These are available all year round and easily accessible to all of us. We are still surrounded by the same irritating people who continue to behave in the same fashion even in February. Yet love and affection dominate the atmosphere of this particular month rather than annoyance.

Our system, by default, follows this pattern in February, as we are conscious that this is valentines month.  On exploring further, we realize that we are simply tapping into our original “loving quality” lying latent within us as our true nature is camouflaged by layers of anger, irritation, hate, jealousy, and other vices.

It’s almost like a microorganism called “love” was residing within us. Once we tap within and unearth it we don’t need an outside mechanism to stimulate us into a warm and loving mode. The retail market takes the cue from this dominant sentiment to market flowers, cards, etc which facilitates the transmission of  “infection of love”.  Hence, love is in the air.

The rest of the year, we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of our daily routines. Thus, we tend to get back to old habits of anger, stress, and anxiety while our loving nature seems to disappear into the shadows. Take a deep breath and become aware that nothing stops us from being “love” every moment of our lives with everything and everyone around us as we are the sole independent creators of this ambience!

What a beautiful discovery! If we are conscious, we can practice and retain “love in the air” year all around.  If we retain this feeling, we also begin to understand and distinguish the two concepts – the logistics of maintaining relationships with people, versus generating a loving emotion within us. Relationships are need-based and thus need to be managed accordingly as these are transactions handled on a daily basis. On the other hand, we don’t need to be dependent on an outside source to feel any sweetness in our emotions. We can be pleasant in our minds and emotions on our own. The challenge is to prevent this sweet emotion of love from taking a backseat.

Love will always be in the air, as long as we are aware that it is in our power to become Love. Become the contagious virus of love and amour all year round!


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