How to Make Yoga Mat Sticky


The last person you want to be at your class is the one with the smelly mat that seems to be oozing in grossness. There is always that guy at yoga class. Yoga mats need to be properly maintained, seeing as your sweaty body has been all over it throughout an entire class. It is definitely important that you clean your mat. Not only will doing so protect yourself, but it will protect others in your class from airborne bacteria that for your mat can be carrying.


People tend to think that their own mat is not the problem. It is always somebody else is Matt that is a mess. But the important thing is not to underestimate the power of sweat! After sweating all over it and then throwing it in the trunk of a hot car, there’s no doubt that these mats are carriers of bacteria. Don’t assume that the heat of your car will bake the filth right off your mat so that by the time your next class arrives it will be as good as new.

Clean Regularly

The goal here is to educate one another on how to clean your yoga mat. Consider this a “yoga-hack”, and if you’re new to yoga it’s something to pay attention to. Treat your mat as though it were an extension of yourself, and wash it regularly. There are different methods for cleaning yoga mats, you just have to figure out what’s both efficient and right for you.

Determine Level of Dirt

But first you need to gauge how dirty your mat is and what type of mat you are using in the first place. It is recommended that you would at the very least wipe your mouth off with a towel after using it. You can find that sprays online for cheap as well as wipes that come in handy and are quick and easy to use. An efficient yoga mat wipe does have a higher price but their are no doubts as to its ability to clean. Make sure to scrub hard whenever cleaning so that you take care of all the sweat and bacteria. Simply spraying mat spray is not enough. And when it comes to mat spray, you need to be conscientious of allergies.

Regardless of whether or not you put in the effort to clean your mat regularly you need to be aware that certain bacteria can still linger. It is recommended if you are a regular yoga practitioner that you clean your mat at least twice a week. If you’re mad is only slightly dirty, Then just quickly wipe it down with a sponge or rag and get out the oil.

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