What are Lululemon Yoga Pants Made Of


Lululemon Yoga Pants are fast taking the yoga world by storm. It’s almost impossible to go to a yoga class without hearing somebody raving about the benefits of them, and they seem to be cropping up everywhere on review sites, yoga websites and workout sites. But what’s so special about them? Why are people so excited about them, and why are they becoming so popular in not just yoga circles, but in all workout circles? Here we talk through what they’re made out of and why this fabric is causing such excitement in the fitness community, and how their fabric works with you to ensure the best kind of workout experience possible.

What Are Lululemon Yoga Pants?

Lululemon Yoga pants are a brand new type of workout gear that have been designed to give maximum comfort, maximum flexibility and maximum sensation. They have been designed to maximize the sensation that you get from your workout, by changing the way your clothing talks to your body. Every pair of Lululemon yoga pants is tailored around providing a specific feeling for you when you put them on – they have a wide range of styles. These styles range from those that offer practically no skin compression so that your skin feels free, unrestricted and completely clear of anything that will stop you feeling constrained to yoga pants that are completely supportive that support every muscle in your legs by providing the height of compression for your body.

Everybody who works out, whether that workout is yoga or any other type of workout, will know the importance of having clothes that feel comfortable and Lululemon are taking this to the next level. By knowing the kind of clothing that you like to feel around your body, you can choose the Lululemon workout gear that’s absolutely perfect for the type of support you want from your clothing.

What Are Lululemon Yoga Pants Made Of?

Lululemon’s trademark yoga pants are made from 86 percent nylon and 14 percent lycra. They have trademarked this fabric, and this trademarked fabric is Luon. It’s this fabric that is causing such huge waves in the health and fitness industry. Having the lycra in the yoga pants stops them from stretching out of shape, no matter how much you work out in them. The nylon in the pants provides coverage for the pants. Lululemon also have quite a few different variations on their standard Luon fabric- they have brushed luon, reversible luon, and heathered luon, all of which promise to give the same effects as their standard Luon but which feel different on the skin.

Why Is This Luon Fabric So Special?

The trademarked Luon fabric has a whole host of benefits. The fabric has been pre-shrunk, so customers don’t have to worry about the product changing shape after it’s been through the wash a few times. It’s hugely stretchy, so no matter what range of movements you need from your workout gear, this fabric will allow for it and embrace it. The fabric has also been designed to wick sweat away from your body, so you can stay as cool and sweat-free as possible, no matter how intense your workout is. This is a huge claim for a fabric to make, but the Luon Fabric manages it!

What Types of Luon Fabric Are There Available?

Lululemon have worked hard to create a whole host of different types of Luon Fabric, so you can choose the type that’s best for your needs.

Seriously Light Luon – This is the lightest, thinnest fabric that Lululemon make. It’s designed for people who barely want to feel their workout gear – it’s designed to be used in very hot environments or for very hot workouts, so if you regularly exercise somewhere very warm then this may well be the best fabric for you. It allows air to circulate, removes the sweat from your body and allows the maximum of breathability in a fabric.

Light Luon – This is a slightly lighter version of the trademarked Luon Fabric. The light Luon is designed to be worn indoors in a studio setting, and to allow a large lightness of fabric sensation around your body. It’s also a great fabric to be worn as a layer – it can be worn as an under-layer when you’re working out, to quickly and efficiently take any sweat away from your body while also giving an extra bit of warmth if you’re working out somewhere cold.

Luon – This is the standard, original Lululemon trademarked fabric. It features 4-way stretch, and as with all the Luon fabric it’s soft, comfortable and designed to make your workout the best it can be. It’s supportive and fitted, and it’s the perfect fabric to be worn for any studio class. As it’s the height of flexibility and won’t stretch out of shape, no matter how bendy your workout’s going to get or how intense, this fabric will keep up with you every step of the way.

Full-On Luon – This variation of the Luon material is a tight knit fabric that’s been designed to give you the maximum stability and compression while still being flexible, removing sweat and giving you a full range of movements. It’s described by the company as “giving you a full on hug as you sweat”- what more could you possibly want from workout gear? This is ideal if you want extra support or that level of extra warmth when you’re working out.

How Much Does this Workout Gear Cost?

Lululemon Yoga Pants range from $40 to over $100 dollars depending on the type of Luon fabric you choose and the style of yoga pants that you choose. Both men’s and women’s yoga pants are available, and the women’s and men’s styles are around the same price. This price range puts the Lululemon Yoga Pants in the higher end of the market for workout gear, but while the price seems high initially, looking at the quality of the Lululemon yoga pants really does show us why they’re priced as they are.

Are They Worth The Money?

While the Lululemon Yoga Pants are definitely more expensive than standard work out gear, all the customer and industry reviews back up the claim that the price is most definitely worth paying. They’re the height of luxury in the fitness market and for good reason – with such a huge variety of options available for every single type of workout experience that you could want, these yoga pants are an absolute must for anybody who’s serious about their yoga.

There’s absolutely no denying that your body responds differently to different clothes, and that the way your workout gear feels on your body affects the way that your body responds to your workout. It’s obvious to us all that if we’re in uncomfortable clothes or clothes that don’t fit properly when we’re working out that our workout suffers as a result, so Lululemon’s claim that having clothes that truly embrace your ideal workout feeling will make a hugely positive difference to any workout. They make be expensive but they’re more than worth the money – try them today, and see just how different you feel!

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