How to Inflate a Yoga Ball


Here it is, your next training equipment that can help you maximize the effect of your workouts and do advanced poses: your new yoga ball. While it can help you improve your balance, posture it is also fun and easy to use during your next yoga practice either at home or at class. These balls are made of rubber and must be properly inflated to deliver the correct effect during your next yoga practice. Inflating your new training equipment is easy and it only takes a few simple steps.

1. Do a Check Before Inflating

Before inflating your new yoga ball, check the surface for any damage or tears, as these will prohibit you from inflating your ball properly. Since these balls usually come folded, folds on the surface are normal and should not have an effect on inflating,

2. Leave Some Time For Your Ball To Get To Room Temperature

Since the flexibility of rubber is affected both by heat and cold, once your new yoga ball arrives leave some time for it to get to room temperature, as it can affect your inflation.

3. Lookup Its Final Diameter

Before starting inflating look for information on the final diameter your ball should reach in the end. Put a mark on the wall or find other ways to measure it, so you would end up with the right result. As these balls are usually not measured by air pressure, you should be able to find some information on the correct size that you are after.

4. Start Inflating

You can use any type of air pump to inflate your new yoga ball, however, it will take more time to finish inflating with hand held pumps. Air compressors work the best, as they provide you with a swift solution. Many yoga balls will come with a hand held pump, but check the product information, since you might need to order one separately.

5. The 24-Hour Rule

You should stop inflating once your ball got 80% inflated. To have the rubber material respond correctly and also to help your ball keep its correct size and stiffness, let your ball rest for 24 hours before getting it to 100%. It might be also useful to give your ball a rest once you have it 100% inflated.

6. Final Check

Once your yoga ball seems fully inflated, insert the plug and check if you have reached the final size or if your ball still needs some further adjustments. Adjust according to your findings until you end up with the proper size. If your yoga ball is too full or not full enough it can affect your exercise, so make sure that you have reached the correct size.

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