How To Choose The Right Yoga Studio


Choosing the right yoga studio may make all the difference to your yoga practice.

Serene Yoga Studio
Serene Yoga Studio

Yoga studios are the primary mediums of introduction to yoga for many novices. When received in the right setting from committed instructors who are properly trained, the yoga practice can have an entirely different impact on the system.

A person who finds alignment with the right yoga studio is more likely to keep up the practice consistently. There are many benefits a yoga studio can provide if you wish to learn or practice in a group.

3 Keys to Help You Choose Your Studio


Depending on where you are located, you might be able to find yoga studios with different settings to suit your needs. While some yoga studios have serene atmospheres with dim lighting and soft music to help you unwind, others may have more metropolitan looks to facilitate fast-paced styles.

Since yoga studios are sacred spaces for self-transformation it is important that they are maintained with the right awareness and sanctity. Traditional yoga forms may be offered in more austere spaces in keeping with

Styles of Yoga

There are various types of yoga now popular in the United States. Ranging from Hot yoga where yoga is practiced in rooms heated above 95 degrees f. There are many options for yoga practitioners to choose from including work-out oriented yoga styles, spiritually inclined kundalini yoga.

Traditional or purist yoga techniques are also available for those seeking it. In this style of yoga, the teachers are often put through rigorous training in meditation, yoga and the science behind it, often with stints in India. The teachers dedicate their lives to the transmission of this style of yoga. Learning this style requires a disciplined approach and reverence to the science of yoga.


Many yoga studios are more than just spaces to practice yoga. They often reflect the unique tastes, styles and philosophies of the studio owners and style of yoga that is offered. It is not uncommon that a community of consistent yoga practitioners frequent a yoga studio. Such a community with shared interests and goals can be a tremendous support system and inspiration to a yogi.

Yoga when performed as individuals and in a group can have a different effect. In a group, a rhythm is set by the instructor and although the path of transformation is individual, the pace and motivation of the group can help an individual. Meeting like-minded people also fosters accountability toward the practice.

Many yoga studios also offer meditation and chanting classes. Some even open up their space for spiritual and cultural performances like kirtans. Such centers can become local hubs for spiritual gatherings or satsangs.

Whatever your preference may be, there are so many options to choose from for the modern yogi. If you feel overwhelmed by these choices, simply drop in at your local yoga studio for an introductory session. Almost all yoga studios give you the option of free introductory sessions for you to experience the classes and see if the studio is a fit for you.