How to Make a Yoga Mat Carrying Strap


Yoga is a pretty big part of your life, it helps you keep everything together and keeps you focused. Another hobby you may quite enjoy is crafts and making your own life hacks. But even those who aren’t possessed with creative talents can get behind this and make their own strap. You need your hands back but prefer a unique strap, one that reflects you and doesn’t cost $20.

Make Majority of the Strap

Firstly find a suitable fabric, you may already have something in the house you can use or if you want a specific design you can pick up a nice design at a fabric store. (If cost isn’t a problem and you just want something customized, you can get a design made specially for you).

Determine the Length

To start with decide on the length of the shoulder strap, say 38 inches or you could go 40 inches and make the shoulder strap adjustable but if you don’t want to go fancy, don’t. Make 2 shorter straps based on the thickness of your yoga mat and before cutting, add another 6-8 inches. This allows for thicker mats to be carried without making another strap. Sew the edges of the straps with the inside out and then turn them out when finished. Sew the shoulder strap in the middle of the smaller strap, do this for both making sure you do it in exactly the same place.

Ways to Secure the Ends

D rings – On one end of a small strap sew two D rings on by folding the material over and creating a hem. Again make sure this is in the same place on each.

A run of poppers – You could use poppers staggered along to creative varied widths

Plastic straps ends – A bit like D rings although these can be threaded through and often give more grip with resistance when pulled accidentally.

A noose knot – Like a tie it is a quick way of varying the size of the loop, also known as a sling type. To do this, attach the shoulder strap to the ends rather than in the middle.

The are many ways you can make a quick and fabulous strap yourself, I’ve even seen people use rifle straps or guitar straps even. If quirky is your thing then go as far as you want to. Other suggestions have been using old curtain tie backs, dressing robe belts, canvas belts repurposed. The sky is the limit.

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